Trump again sends American troops to Afghanistan

Trump again sends American troops to Afghanistan

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The US is more intensively engaged in the conflict in Afghanistan. That has the American president Donald Trump announced Tuesday. This will re-American combat troops be deployed in the country.

According to insiders from the Pentagon and the White House is going to be of the order of four thousand soldiers.

Trump himself went during the announcement of his new policy on Afghanistan, however, not on specific numbers of troops that he to the country it wants to send. According to the president, these are decisions that should be left to his command and members of the cabinet.

Shortly after his arrival wore Trump his cabinet and military command to, with a strategy for Afghanistan to the conflict in the country can end. Trump suggested that the war in Afghanistan for a long time “too much time, money and especially lives” has cost.


Trump again sends troops to Afghanistan: “We are going to kill terrorists’


Trump said that he Afghanistan prior to the development of its new strategy “in detail and from every possible angle” has been studied.

He argues that the United States will do no more “to the building of nations to our likeness”. It is Trump believes that America should seek “a more stable outcome” in the conflict, that the “enormous sacrifices that have been made”, are worth.

The president proposed that the United States will not back will pull out of the country, such as Trump have suggested. Trump calls the consequences of a rapid retreat “both predictable and unacceptable” and said his military advisers are persuaded to be in Afghanistan to continue.

According to the president would be withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, a power vacuum create, where terrorist organizations will make use of. Instead, he announced actions against such organisations. “We are going to kill terrorists”, said Trump.

Also said the American president that the U.S. no announcements will do on start or end dates of military offensives, nor about the numbers of troops that will be deployed. According to Trump, is that information where the enemy can make use of. The new Us strategy in Afghanistan will Trump based on the “situation on the ground”.

Critics argued after the speech of the president that he was not much concrete changes of policy aanstipte. What he said, it would be very similar to the approach of his predecessors.


The decision of Trump to troops to keep in Afghanistan, is consistent with a call from NATO. The commander of U.s. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, general John Nicholson, a couple of months ago said that he was “several thousand troops” are needed to the current stalemate in the fight against the Taliban to break. Groups like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda to snatch the last time.

The USA is since 2001 in the country. It is the longest running conflict in which the Americans are involved. There are currently approximately 8,400 American soldiers present in the country, which mainly deal with training, advising and assisting of Afghan forces against the Taliban fight. They also deliver anti-terrorismemissies out against Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

The four thousand extra soldiers that Trump now wants to contribute to the fight, will likely be embedded in fronteenheden of the Afghan army. Also, they will be the strength of the Afghan air force and special forces to strengthen.

Trumps predecessor, Obama sent there in his first term to most American troops out of Afghanistan to pull back.


In addition to actions in Afghanistan, wants the Us president that neighbouring countries to do more against the conflict in the region. So will Trump Pakistan to be put under pressure to do more in the fight against extremism. The country now offers a “safe haven” to terrorists, he stated.

Also India was addressed. The country as “strategic partner and grootverdiener to trade with the U.S. to” do more on the economic reconstruction of Afghanistan, will Trump.

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