Trump administration sanctions the Russians of interference in the elections of 2016

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The Ministry of Finance sanctions the Russians charged by Müller

Trump administration sanctions 19 Russian individuals and five Russian units, the alleged interference in the election of 2016 and the inclusion of a cyber-attacks.

The Trump administration on Thursday sanctioned 19 Russian individuals and five Russian units, the alleged interference in the election of 2016 and the inclusion of a cyber-attacks.

The announcement was made by the Department of the Treasury and includes the 13 Russians, who were recently Special Counsel to Robert Mueller probe accused.

“These sanctions are part of a broader effort to the ongoing nefarious attacks from Russia,” Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.


Report: the Russians did more than attempt to interfere in election

The sanctions mean that all the property of those persons and organizations subject to U.S. jurisdiction blocked. The United States is forbidden the people to do business with them.


The Treasury Department said the sanctions activities to counter Russia’s destabilizing, including their interference in the election of 2016, and its destructive cyber-attacks. The Department cited the NotPetya an attack, a cyber attack on the White house and the British government have, due to the Russian military.

Last month, 13 Russians and three Russian companies were accused in Müller’s sample, is accused of an elaborate plot of the wage “information warfare” against the United States

The 13 Russians charged: Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin; Mikhail Ivanovich Bystrov; Mikhail Leonidovich Burchik; Aleksandra Yuryevna Krylova, Anna Vladislavovna Bogacheva; Sergei Pavlovich Polozov; Maria Anatolyrvna Bovda; Robert Sergetevich Bovda; Dzheykhun Nasimi Ogly; Vadim Vladimirovich Podkopaev; Gleb Igorevich Vasilchenko; Irina Viktorovna Kaverzina, and Vladimir Venkov.


The three persons of the Internet Research Agency LLC, Concord Management and Consulting LLC, Concord Catering.


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The sanctions are based on two persons and six persons accused of cyber-actors, in the order of the Russian government.

These entities, the Federal Security Service and Main Intelligence Directorate. The people are Sergei Afanasyev, Vladimir Alexseyev, Sergey Gizunov, Igor Korobov, Igor Kostyukov and Grigoriy Molchanov.

The sanctions come as the leader of the United States, Germany and France together with the UK, in accusing Russia, behind the nerve-agent attack on an ex-Russian spy.

In a joint statement on Thursday, President Trump, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May said, you “abhor” the attack against Sergei Skripal, 66, and his 33-year-old daughter, Julia, in Salisbury, on 4. March. A policeman came to the couple’s help was also sick.

“This use of a military grade nerve agent, one of the variety, developed by Russia, provides the first offensive use of nerve agent in Europe since the Second world war,” said the statement.

The Trump administration accused Russia on Thursday of a concerted hacking in operation and spy on the U.S. power grid and other critical infrastructures.

U.S. national security officials said, the FBI, the Homeland Security Department and the American intelligence agencies determined that the Russian intelligence and the others were behind the attacks on the energy sector.

The official said, the Russians are aware of the U.S. energy industry, goals, access to computer systems and then the implementation of “network awareness” of industrial control systems, the American factories and the electric grid.

The US government has helped the energy companies to kick out the Russians, all the systems that were currently known, penetrated, according to the officials.

The officials will discuss informed reporters on condition of anonymity, sensitive information relating to national security, left open the possibility to discover, more injuries, and said the Federal government was an invitation to tender for the energy industry, the awareness of the threat and the improvement of the preparation.

The charges and the associated penalties are some of the strongest measures to punish so far by the administration, Russia for hacking and other efforts to sow discord in the American democracy.

Fox News’ Lucia Suarez I. Sang, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Alex Pappas is a political reporter at Follow him on Twitter at @Alex Pappas.

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