Trump administration sanctions Nicaraguan President’s son for alleged corruption, money-laundering

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The son of Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega in front of financial sanctions on the part of the White house on Thursday, after the trump-administration reprimanded, washing him because of alleged corruption and money.

Rafael Ortega incurred the wrath of the US government officials to commit human rights violations and acts of financial deception, the statement by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

“This action promotes the United States to keep their unwavering commitment to use all economic and diplomatic means, the government of Daniel Ortega, responsible for the acts of corruption and unethical violations of human rights, and to support the Nicaraguan people in their struggle for a return to democracy,” Pompeo said in a statement.

Pompeo cited an executive order from President Trump as the basis for the freezing of Rafael Ortega’s assets and accused him of working secretly to wash ill-gotten gains through seemingly legitimate enterprises.

“Rafael Ortega is a key money manager for the family to Ortega, the work in addition to the previously sanctioned Vice-President of Nicaragua and First Lady Rosario Murillo,” Pompeo continued.


“Rafael Ortega to generate uses at least two of the companies under his control Zanzibar Inversiones, S. A. and Servicio De Proteccion Y Vigilancia, S. A., profits, to wash money, and gain preferential access to the markets for the Ortega regime. He used Zanzibar disguise Inversiones and the transfer of profits from Distribuidor Nicaraguense de Petroleo, also referred to today, and as a front company for procurement of the tank in an attempt to disguise, DNP ownership of such stations,” he said.

The State Department also claims that Ortega granted-competitive government contracts to his cronies in an effort to reward political allies and stifle healthy competition.

“The United States calls for the Ortega regime to the resumption of dialogue with the opposition and of the restoration of democracy in the country, resulting in the fulfillment of its obligations in the framework of the Inter-American Democratic Charter,” said Pompeo.

“Nicaragua’ s painful, the political crisis can only be resolved by free and fair elections, which are credible to the will of the Nicaraguan people and with full respect for their human rights and fundamental freedoms reflect,” he added.


In July 2018, Daniel Ortega, rejected calls for an early election in response to the political unrest. In his tenure, was shocked by protests and accusations of dictatorial corruption. His term is up in 2021.

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