Trump administration is proposing new sanctions against Iran

nearvideo Pompeo addresses of the trump administration’s efforts to push back on Iran

The Trump administration announced Friday that it was slapping new sanctions against more than two dozen Iranian people that the country’s nuclear and missile research programs, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has condemned Iran’s growing influence.

The Treasury Department said the sanctions target 31, the Iranian scientists, technicians and the companies affiliated with Iran’s organization for defence, Innovation and research, which is known to have been at the forefront of the Iranian nuclear-weapons program.

“People who work for Iran’s proliferation programs, including scientists, buyers, and experts—should expose themselves to the reputational and financial risks to the work for Iran’s nuclear program,” the State Department said in a statement on Friday.

To move the administration to impose sanctions, is unusual, because you are not focused on what the people are doing, but rather because of their work from the past in nuclear weapons development, and the possibilities that you could try to restart, the nuclear activities.

The officials targeted to continue to work in Iran’s defense sector and part of a core group of experts could program the re-introduction of nuclear energy. The sanctions cover 14 people, including the head of the organization, and the 17 subsidiary operations.

The sanctions, freezing of assets, which may have affected, in the US, and bar any Americans from transactions with them. Officials said the move is targeted “radio active International,” and who does business with you the subject of a further U.S. sanctions.

Iran promised to continue working on atomic weapons in 2015 the nuclear deal. The United Nations nuclear watchdog has said that Iran continues to comply with the agreement, the United States moved in the last year, calling it repairable.

The trump administration has the newly imposed U.S. sanctions that were eased under the terms of the agreement, and to impose it to continue to negotiate the new as part of a pressure-force campaign, to agree on Iran, the contract.

The announcement came as Pompeo was in Beirut, warning Lebanese officials to curb the influence of Iran supports the Hezbollah movement. He says Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and should not be allowed to policy, or to exercise power, in spite of its presence in Lebanon’s Parliament and government.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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