Trump accuses the media misinterpretation of statements after Charlottesville

Trump accuses the media misinterpretation of statements after Charlottesville

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The American president Donald Trump on Wednesday in a speech in Arizona out at the media. He lays the blame of the discussions about the events in Charlottesville from journalists that his words wrong would have shown.

Trump complained about the way in which the media are statements about the extreme right-wing organisations incorrectly had interpreted. He claims that these journalists “are not of our country”. He added that it is time to for people to speak out against the media for “divisive concerns in our country.”

With his statements referring Trump on the discussion that emerged in the aftermath of the incident in which an extreme-right-hand-man a week and a half ago with his car rammed a group of protesters.

This group was in Charlottesville came together to speak out against other demonstrations of extreme-right organisations. In the incident in which a car rammed this group tegendemonstranten came to one woman for life, and got dozens of people injured.

Both parties

It took two days before Trump a response gave. In the first instance, he condemned the actions of extreme right-wing groups, but later he stressed that “both parties” had a debt on the incident. This earned him from all angles a lot of criticism.

In addition to the fact that journalists are words wrong would interpret it, stated Trump, at the meeting in Arizona that journalists try American history and the American heritage. The president referred this after a number of incidents in which images of legerleiders of southern states in the American civil war, fought for their right to slavery, way are taken.


At the meeting of Trump ran a demonstration against Trump from the hand. The police intervened with tear gas and ‘peperbommen’, to demonstrators to curb that with stones and bottles threw. It is unclear whether people have been arrested.

The president was to Phoenix came despite a warning from the mayor. Democrat Greg Stanton had Trump advised his visit, but the president put that advice down beside her. Many people are strongly opposed to the plans of Trump to along the border with Mexico a wall to build to illegal immigration.


Police fires tear gas on protesters after the speech, Trump in Phoenix


Trump took a wide range of topics in his speech. The president confirmed once again that the money for the controversial wall is coming, even though he must do so the federal government shut down to free up cash.

He threatened with a ‘lockdown’ on 30 september, when the Congress no budget for the wall has been approved. During his election campaign hammered Trump, there will be continuous on that Mexico itself for the wall between the two countries would have to pay.

In addition, shielded Trump in Arizona with the one-sided cancellation of the North American vrijhandelsverdrag NAPHTHA, spoke about the crisis with North Korea and lashed out at his party members in Congress. Trumps effort to the system of health insurance degrade, as that was introduced by Obama to be killed on one vote in the Senate.

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