Truce to Syria in the first hours already violated

Truce to Syria in the first hours already violated

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The cease-fire in the night of Thursday on Friday became active in Syria seems to be in the first already to have been violated.

In the province of Hama fighting broke out between Syrian government forces and rebels, saying the Syrian Observatory for human Rights and a spokesman of the Jaish al-Nasr-rebel group known as.

Also, just before the start of the file fell in battles around Damascus, 22 dead.

Russia took along with Turkey, the initiative for the file. The United States sat this time, in contrast to the earlier cease-fire, not at the negotiating table.

The armistice went at 23: 00 Thursday night (Dutch time). Multiple warring parties agreed, including the Free Syrian Army, an umbrella organization of various militias.

The largest rebel group known in Syria, Ahrar al-Sham, reported earlier the file not to have signed. Said earlier the Russian ministry that the group, which has about 16,000 fighters has, however, agreed upon. Also, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (the former al-Nusra) and the Kurdish YPG are not in the file concerned.

‘Fair chance’

The Syrian minister of Foreign Affairs reported Thursday night that the national agreement a “fair chance” offers on a political solution. Conversations about it can be found for next month planned in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Putin had Thursday to know the number of troops in Syria to reduce, after a cease-fire was agreed.

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ies in Syria to reach ceasefire

The various warring parties in Syria on Thursday at the beginning of the afternoon (Dutch time) a cease-fire was reached.

The file must be a prelude to a political solution to the civil war that is already 5,5 years rages on.

Putin has to know the number of troops in Syria to want to bring back.

Residents of Aleppo clean up debris at a waste water treatment plant in the hope the installation again to get it to put an end to the shortage of drinking water.

The Syrian regime cleans up debris in parts of Aleppo that have been recently recaptured on the rebels.

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Russia and Turkey reached earlier this month a file for Aleppo. This allowed thousands of residents from the eastern part to be evacuated.

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