Troubled with skin wrinkles? Don’t worry!! We have a solution..

You know that it happens to everybody and it is going to happen to you as well. Unfortunately, everyone ages and everyone gets wrinkles! Even if you are mentally prepared for them and have decided to accept the wrinkles gracefully as a sign of wisdom, they are hardly welcome.

Then you start wishing you could reverse the clock of age and get back your lovely youthful skin. Well, there is something that can really help you in getting rid of the fine lines and wrinkles. The latest technology in the form of NIL-ST is the answer to your problems. It can help you to get rid of wrinkles and can make your skin firm and youthful. So, now, you really do not have to keep worrying about aging signs and can flaunt your young skin with pride.
NIR-ST: An Effective Solution to The Signs of Aging

NIR or near Infrared therapy using laser treatment for skin tightening is the latest revolution in the field of beauty and skin. It is known that as the age of a person advances, the skin starts losing its firmness. This is a result of reduced collagen content in the skin. This, in turn, leads to wrinkles and sagging of skin. Over ages, this was considered as an irreversible, age-related process that could not be treated. But, the latest laser therapy using near infrared radiation can help to prevent and treat these wrinkles.

The therapy induces increased temperature in the deeper layers of the skin, which leads to stimulation of new collagen growth. As the collagen content of the skin increases, the skin begins to gain its firmness and the wrinkles slowly disappear. This revolutionary therapy makes the skin look very youthful and attractive. It is a very effective and beneficial, non-operative procedure. It is quite harmless and does not cause any damage to the skin or any other part of the body. It is touted as a very good anti-aging therapy that helps in restoring the tautness and tone of skin without any discomfort. It can help in achieving fast results without any downtime.

Why Should You Choose NIR-ST?
This latest technology in the field of beauty and skin offers several advantages to the patients. It makes the skin look firm, making the person look much younger. The numerous advantages offered by this mode of treatment are mentioned beneath:
•    It gives quick results without any downtime and is every effective.
•    It is a non-invasive and non-surgical therapy that does not involve the use of local or general anesthesia.
•    The procedure is painless. The patient may only experience mild heat over the part that is treated.
•    It is beneficial for people of any skin type. It can be used for skin tightening for people of any skin color.
•    It can be used for men as well as for women.
•    The therapy is completely harmless and it does not produce any severe side effects.
•    It is very cost effective. Patients can get back their firm and youthful skin without spending as much as they would in the case of operative procedures used for the same.

Due to the numerous advantages offered by this therapy, it is the most popular mode of treatment for skin tightening. Patients can avail the benefits offered by this therapy and can get a very youthful and beautiful skin.
What is the Mechanism of Action of NIR-ST?

The near infrared laser for skin tightening emits a very high intensity beam of infrared light with the help of a handheld nozzle. The laser beam thus generated, penetrates deep through the skin tissue. This light raises the temperature in the liquid content of skin. This leads to stimulation of collagen present in skin. This results in contraction and tightening of skin tissue. The body’s healing process also responds to the therapy by producing new collagen that further helps in tightening. The added effect of this gives a firm and tightened appearance to the skin for several months.

The procedure of skin tightening with NIR takes approximately 30-40 minutes. The time required may be more if a larger skin surface needs to be treated. The number of sittings required varies in different patients, depending upon severity of the wrinkles and the condition of skin. Usually, 5-6 sittings at the interval of 2-3 weeks are needed for achieving the desired effect of tighter and smoother skin. An improvement in the firmness of skin can be noticed immediately after the treatment.

However, the peak effect of the treatment develops gradually over the time duration of 2-3 months. The firmness of skin increases over a period of time, leading to increased tightness of skin, as new collagen is formed in response to the treatment. The results thus developed last for approximately 1 year. Any skin area of the body that is lax or loose can be treated with this therapy. However, the skin over neck, jawline and face responds particularly well to this treatment. It is important to note that the procedure is entirely painless. Patients may experience a mild warm feeling over the part treated. It is the most effective mode of treatment to treat sagging skin. The recovery time of the procedure is minimal and patients can resume the normal daily activities immediately after the procedure.

The NIR ST treatment removes wrinkles and fine lines and gives a tightened and firm appearance to the skin wrinkles. The therapy makes the person look much younger than his or her actual age. This therapy has proved that age- related wrinkles and fine lines can be reversed and can help a person defy the age related process. It is a very safe and harmless procedure and does not produce any damage to the skin or any other body part. Thousands of people have been benefited by this mode of therapy successfully, all over the world.

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