Trillions of alien and robot probes may be in the area, but they are too small for the us to get to the spot, shock, the paper claims

The Fermi bubbles, including in the gamma-ray light, the tower of the Milky way and meet up with a massive cosmic blast from the center of our galaxy, the milky way. A new study is trying to determine the explosion date.(Illustration: © NASA Goddard)

Space scientists may have missed the alien probe in, because they are just too small.

That’s a bold claim to be an astrophysicist, that the treasure we’re searching for extraterrestrial life in the wrong way.

The point of this argument is an attempt to explain the Fermi Paradox, is a decades-old thought experiment.


It is said that the universe is so incredibly vast that the chances of alien life existing is high, and you start to ask, what are they?

No one knows the answer, except that there may be an astrophysicist Zaza Osmanov, of Georgia, the University of Georgia.

He thinks that the aliens are, perhaps, the exploration of the universe with the help of small robots, which measure only one nanometer.

It is based on the concept of Von Neumann probes.

This is the theory that the aliens would be able to send out self-replicating spacecraft in the known universe for you to explore in a risk-free way.

But will these self-replicating probes will be easy for new materials to use.

In the paper, Osmanov has argued that these probes may be constructed on the nano-scale.

The robot can then use the hydrogen atoms from the interstellar dust to the power of itself.

The nano-robots may already be floating around, but we can’t have that because we are on the lookout for a greater evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

“The conventional approach to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence-involves the search for artificial radio signals or interstellar beacons aimed to the Ground,” Osmanov states.

“Maar…de the method significantly reduces the search process.”

In his paper, Osmanov reveals a detailed analysis of how it is possible to make on-the-spot, these nano-robots.

He said that they were very easy to replicate in a host, numbering billions of billions of dollars.

This multitude of sensors, having to do with what is in the light, as they hoovered up the photons along their journey.

And, Osmanov said that, they may look just like a comet a few miles across, that is, when infra-red light.

“All of the…results show that, when it was discovered a strange object with a very high value for the brightness increase, it could be a good sign for the item to be in the list of the alien Von Neumann probe is at the other candidates,” he wrote.

“We have considered the scenario where a Type-II civilization, it must be ‘asserted’ in the interstellar clouds by means of self-reproduction of robots.

“And it has been shown that this process is bound to lead to observational consequences.”

However, it would most likely only be visible if they are continued, as a flock, and it would almost certainly be too small to be able to spot if you are coming in on their own.

This story was originally published in The Sun.

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