Triggerfinger will not again for coverhit

Triggerfinger will not again for coverhit

Photo: Krauth

The chance that the Belgian rock band Triggerfinger ever a sequel on their monsterhit I Follow Rivers is very small. Although the cover, which five years ago a number 1 hit, for a lot of extra public money and provided, the Flemish band not to try to be that way a hit to score.

“That would mean that we measure success by money and more money,” says frontman Ruben Block in the AD. “But for me and for my friends here is success play what you enjoy the most. It is not more interesting if you mathematically try to reproduce. It is possible, I think. But what’s the point? I just want to know what we still can do more.”

Various record companies tried Triggerfinger already about to pick up again for a hit. “That was at our previous company Universal already,” says Block. “There, they wanted to be happy that we still have a cover images. The purpose again is such a hit to score. We were just not a good idea. In the long run provides something to nothing.”

“I can imagine that a younger band for the pressure yield,” adds bassist Paul van Bruystegem. “But we want to grow old in the music. I am 58. It seems to me horrible to my seventieth playing music that I don’t.”

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