‘Tribute to Michael Jackson continues in Hall of Fame despite controversy”

Despite the controversy that has recently been created by the documentary Leaving Neverland, continues Michael Jackson of his place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to keep. Sources within the Us museum report that it is a tribute to the abuse accused singer is not removed.

A director of the Hall of Fame, announces to TMZ that “music is music”. The 2009 death of singer has, according to him, a place in the eremuseum because of his “talent and excellence in the field of music and his lasting impact on rock ‘n ‘ roll”.

Two times it was decided that Jackson gets a spot in the Hall of Fame: in 1997 with the Jackson 5 and in 2001 as soloartiest.

Work of Jackson in the discussion by Leaving Neverland

Since the broadcasting of the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland, there is a lot of discussion about Jackson and his work. In the film, two old friends of him how years and years would have abused. They were a minor. The two men have no evidence for their claims, but their stories are used by many people to be very credible called.

Jackson was in his life several times sued for abuse. Twice said to the singer, the third time appealed to a jury set him free. The men who now the movie have made, testified then that nothing had happened. On Wednesday it was known that the two were the singer again want to sue.

The fashion house Louis Vuitton decided recently all clothing with a Jackson-theme to pull back. Also run various channels in Canada, New Zealand, and also the Dutch regional broadcaster, NH no music of Jackson lake. In Belgium, his numbers are now preceded by a disclaimer about the potential abuse.

Starbucks let know now no songs of Jackson lake in the branches to run. Several statues of Jackson, in the United Kingdom and Denmark, are from museums and shopping centres removed.


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