Trial with new malaria vaccine proves successful

Trial with new malaria vaccine proves successful

Photo: AFP

After a testonderzoek, in which a genetically engineered form of malaria is used for the development of a vaccine, people do not become ill.

The vaccine contains a weaker form of malaria, and brings a full infection cause.

The test showed the immune system well to the vaccine to respond, and the people were not sick, is to be read in the research results that are published in Science Translational Medicine.

For the vaccine removed the team from the Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Seattle, and the three genes of the parasite, so that the liver cells could not be infected. This is the immune system is exposed to malaria, but the parasite cannot cause disease.

No side effects

Ten people participated in the testonderzoeken. None of them got sick and they had no side effects. The antibodies that the patients created were administered to mice, which have a higher immunity developed to malaria after they with the virus were infected.

The researchers let us know that the development of the vaccine marks a milestone in the fight against malaria.

There is still no effective vaccine against malaria. In 2015 died died according to the United Nations, nearly 400,000 people in Africa to the infectious disease.

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