Trey Gowdy: Brennan, clapper, and Comey, know very well, the dossier was in the intelligence assessment

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Representative Trey Gowdy joins ” Sunday Morning Futures.’

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy spoke to Maria Bartiromo on Sunday and discussed the infamous Christopher Steele Dossier, what it is and why it is important to find the extent of their use.

“I mean, people use the word dossier as an official sound. I mean, let’s just call it what it is. It is a series of rank to listen to compilations to say, compiled by an FBI source, who was later defrocked. Paid for by the democratic National Committee and then Oh by the way Christopher Steele hated Donald Trump, so we call it a dossier. It sounds official,” Gowdy said on “Sunday Morning Futures.”


“It’s really something the National Enquirer would blush when they are printed, so we know that it was used four times by the government of the United States.”

Attorney General William Barr told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer in an interview broadcast on Friday, that part of the investigation into the Russia-probe orgins, he has tapped to lead U.S. Prosecutor John Durham, would be said for the time between election day and the day of the inauguration of the President, “some strange developments” took place during this time.

Barr specifically referring to the early January 2017 briefing intelligence officers, the then President-elect Trump in the Trump Tower, “the leakage of information after this meeting.” At this meeting, Trump was informed of the manipulation of intelligence and law enforcement authorities of the Russian elections — and was also the salacious allegations against him informed of the contain from the former FBI Director, James Comey about the now-infamous anti-Trump-dossier. The Details that leaked later to the press.

The former house Oversight Committee chairman, and House Judiciary Committee member, accused the Obama-era intelligence officers in advance, if it is to use the dossier.


“What we are trying to find out whether or not it was a fifth time and the intelligence evaluation and got Brennan, clapper, and Comey, all three of which know very well whether or not it was in the intelligence assessment, but… you are, you have different versions, right,” Gowdy said.

“So there is information available in December of 2016, and I hope that everyone who has access to it… open-minded, Senator Burr, Durbin, who is. You go have a look. And I think it will help you to understand whether or not the dossier that unconfirmed rumors, which has been used… times five, or only four times by the government of the United States is pretty bad. If it only four times, it is really bad if it was five.”

Fox News’ Brooke Singman and Liam Quinn contributed to this report.

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