Trendy ziekenhuisschorten mental support for sick children

Every day the same have put on is not good for your mood, every day is a ziekenhuisschort have put on is completely destructive. Those who thought that very ill children really do have other worries on their head than what they around their body hang is to have the following video.

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Like in the hospital are not bad enough, you usually get also a ziekenhuisschort voorgebonden that during your stay the service need to do like dress, pants, t-shirt, and jacket. Often, it’s not exactly the hippest designs this practical cotton fabrics, adorn: pale blue dashes, muntgroene speckles or – if you’re lucky – pink beads to make at that moment your wardrobe.

Especially for teenagers, who love to profile through their appearance, can have such a depressing apron extra proverbial salt in the wound – especially when they are weeks or even months to be doomed to this vale choice.

Hence, several fashion designers in the sea have gone with the Canadian npo, the Starlight Children’s Foundation. For the project that they are for the skill Ward+Robes have entitled they designed different types of ziekenhuisschorten so that children a little bit of the feeling that they can be themselves, and be more than just “sick”.

Ward+Robes was launched in a hospital in Ontario, but the organization hopes that their project, other countries can inspire. Who below to watch the video get fixed why.


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