‘Treatment’ is voted Word of the Year by 2019

The word ‘treatment’ has been chosen as Word of the Year is 2019, the oxford English Dictionary on Tuesday announced. The word was 41,8 per cent of the vote. In the second place, it is “klimaatspijbelaar,” and the third place goes to klimaatdrammer’. These words are given, respectively, to 14.2 per cent and 9.6 per cent of the vote.

Treatment is by mostly the young people used to have an older person on the show, which, according to them, old-fashioned thinking, and out dated beliefs to have. The word itself is derived from the word-babyboomer, in which people can be referred to during the baby boom after the Second world War, in the light of day saw it.

It is notable that, in the second place, and third place, and forgive, to raise awareness of climate change. ‘Klimaatspijbelaar has a neutral charge and is aimed at the many students that are in 2019 is spijbelden to the political situation in their country, and to draw attention to climate change.

With klimaatdrammer’ is a person who, in the eyes of the critics, but it goes on about the ‘stringent’ measures to save the climate to save the day.

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‘Klimaatspijbelaar is in Belgium as well

In the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium) organizes the Dictionary in a similar contest. There was winkelhieren products, buy from local businesses, with one-third of the votes, was elected word of the year. In Flanders, it is “klimaatspijbelaar’ in the second place, while Egelwegel, ” a passage for them between the two gardens, and a top three finish.

It is the Word of the Year is an initiative of the oxford English Dictionary. This year, in the Netherlands, with some 17,500 votes, in Belgium, there are almost 9,000 votes in.

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