Treating Muscle and Joint Pain with Laser Technology

Pain comes in different forms and is common to mankind. It is sometimes moderate and bearable and sometimes chronic and excruciating. Muscle and joint pain are agonizing conditions that are commonly experienced by most people across the world. Muscle and joint pain accompanied by muscle fatigue can cause a lot of difficulty while carrying out day-to-day activities. Soreness and pain in the muscles occur when the body does not function appropriately. Due to this inappropriate functioning of the body, the muscles fail to respond correctly and this leads to muscle pain.
A rare muscle or joint pain should not be misunderstood to be a chronic condition. For instance, someone who works out regularly and is involved in sporting activities might experience such pain occasionally. This pain is likely to last for a day or two and hence is not a cause of concern. In the same way, women can experience muscle and joint pain while in their menstrual cycles. Muscle and joint pain that lasts for a longer duration and is accompanied by numbness, excessive swelling and a feeling of uneasiness needs immediate medical attention. This is because it could possibly be an indication of an underlying issue like a muscle tear or perhaps ligament damage. Therefore, pain of any kind needs to be treated on time using the right method of treatment.

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief with the Amazing LED 589 Handpiece

Scientific research over a period of time has tried to understand the causes for pain and have come up with pain relief medications or pain management techniques to deal with the problem. There are plenty of allopathic, homeopathic, and Ayurvedic medications as well as therapies like acupressure, physiotherapy, and acupuncture which are intended for pain relief or pain management. With each day going by and the advancement of technology, newer ways for treating pain are being introduced.

One such effective treatment that is gaining popularity is laser treatment for pain relief. The LED handpiece offered by Alma Laser’s Harmony XL is one such treatment for pain relief. The LED 589 handpiece from Harmony XL laser systems offers a new dimension to this constantly growing market by using laser therapy for treating minor muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and minor joint pain associated with arthritis. This treatment is known to offer therapeutic, pain relieving results in patients suffering from minor to unbearable chronic pain and wanting to get rid of the agonizing discomfort. This new age technology may even help in treating minor sprains, muscle spasms in addition to minor muscular back pain.

The LED handpiece is now becoming a preferred method of treatment for effective pain relief. Treatment using the LED 590 handpiece provides results that are similar to the more common and popular treatment methods like acupressure, acupuncture, massage-therapies and aromatherapy. The advantage that the LED treatment offers is that, the results are a lot more effective and last much longer than other treatment methods for muscle and joint pain.

Find Out How this Amazing Treatment Works:

The LED handpiece encompasses a wide range of diodes which emit yellow light at 589 nm meant for general body healing. The treatment involves topical heating in order to promote an increased blood flow. It relaxes the muscles and provides relief from pain.

The LED handpiece uses super luminous Light Emitting Diodes or LED’s for the pain relief treatment. Light Emitting Diodes or LED are safe, concentrated light sources that are used to generate specific wavelengths of light which offer therapeutic benefits of light therapy without any unwanted side effects. Isn’t it incredible how the LED handpiece helps us in getting rid of pain using the healing power of light?

So, What do you Gain from the LED 589 handpiece Treatment?

•    The treatment produces dramatic, but comfortable deep dermal heating without damaging the epidermis.
•    Treatment with LED 589 handpiece is safe and free of side effects.
•    The treatment involves topical heating that promotes better circulation of blood.
•    Relaxation of muscles and relief from muscle and joint pain.
•    The treatment results are effective and last longer than other pain relief treatments.
•    Using this treatment means no need for pain relief pills or topical creams and sprays.

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