‘Traveler is not worried about a natural disaster’

A majority of the Dutch holiday makers have not to worry about possible natural disasters during the holidays, it would appear from examination of the Red Cross. The risk of natural disasters is not of influence on the choice of the holiday destination.

Most people indicate that they do not know what they should do when they during a vacation to deal with an earthquake (60 percent), floods (56 percent), a hurricane or typhoon (63 percent) or a landslide (almost 80 percent). Almost half of the Dutch population has no idea what to do with a natural fire.

Last week were Dutch tourists in Thailand evacuated due to a tropical storm. In recent years, there were earthquakes in tourist areas in Italy and Greece, and on the Indonesian islands of Bali and Lombok.

On the Caribbean were given to tourists to make hurricane Irma. Forest fires hit the country include Greece, Portugal and California. Also the popular France has to do with natural disasters by floods.

One has to keep in mind that the risk of infections

Almost four out of five Dutch people say when travelling outside Europe to take account of the risk of infectious diseases.

Nearly 60 percent in addition to no idea with what authority he or she contact would need to include in an emergency by a natural disaster on vacation. The Red Cross says it’s important that everyone knows what he or she should do in an emergency.

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