Travel in New York

Travel in New York

New York – the most occupied city USA, from one of the most popular residential suburbs in the world. New York is known everywhere owing to commerce, the finance, culture, a fashion and entertainments. As the staff of the rate of general command of the USA, it also is the important international item. City often name New York of City to differentiate it from state of New York where it is.

The city is located in territory of the big natural harbour on coast of Atlantic ocean and in Northeast USA, the structure includes five areas: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan.

New York has been based by Dutchs as a trading post in 1624 the Settlement carried the name New Amsterdam up to 1664, yet has not passed under the English control. New York was capital USA in 1785-1790-х With 1790 New York is the largest city USA.

Many places in city are known worldwide. The statue of Freedom welcomed millions the immigrants who have arrived to America in the end XIX – the beginning of XX century.

New York is allocated among other American cities because of a high degree of use of public transport which 24 hours per day, as a rule, go,

City spoke almost in 170 languages.
Speech of inhabitants of New York has the features named by the New York dialect, Americans also often name it Brooklynese or New Yorkese. It is considered, that this dialect – one of the most clear. The classical version of this dialect in a course at the worker and middle class of descendants of Europeans, however, influence of non-european immigrants has made the changes.
New York – the world television, advertising, musical, newspaper and book center, and also the largest media the market to Northern America.


Seven from eight largest advertising agencies of the world have headquarters in New York. Three from « the Big Four » sound recording companies also settle down in New York, however, the same as and in Los Angeles.

One third of American independent films is removed in New York. More than 200 newspapers and 350 magazines have branches in city, and in the book industry is borrowed nearby 25 000 person.
In the summer, as a rule, it is damp and жарко with average maximal temperatures 26-29 °С and with minimal 17-21 °С though can surpass 32 °С on the average 16-19 days every summer and exceed 38 °С time in 4-6 years. As a whole, weather in New York favours to studying of city in the summer. In the winter coldly though wind somewhat reduce influence of Atlantic ocean.

Because of affinity of Atlantic ocean in weather in New York is much warmer, than in depth of the country at the same breadth, as for example in Chicago or in Pittsburgh. Average temperature in January, the coldest month, 0 °С. However the temperature can fall to some days up to-12 °С, and in some cases to rise till 10-15 °С. Spring and autumn unstable, from cool weather up to heat, though as a rule at this time a climate soft with low humidity.

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