Transfer Premier League close from next year for the start of competition

Transfer Premier League close from next year for the start of competition

The summer transfer in the English Premier League ends from the season 2018/19 for the start of the competition.

About that, the clubs at the highest level in England Thursday agreement during a meeting.

Next season ends with the transfer on the Thursday before the start of the competition, on the 9th of August at 17.00 (Uk time). For the lower leagues remain the current transferdeadline just.

The winter transfer in the month of January, according to the proposal as it is now. The decision in England has no influence in foreign competitions. Clubs from Spain, Germany and the Netherlands in August, still have players of clubs from the Premier League to buy.


The current transfer system, where the transfer market only closes on August 31, when the season is already in full swing, is a thorn in the eye of the managers of clubs in the Premier League.

Changes in the selection while the competition has already begun, allow for disruptions in the team and kicking, according to them, the preparations for the matches in the war.

“It is uncomfortable, that will allow each manager to confirm”, he left Arsenal-coach Arsène Wenger just before the vote know. “You can now have players with their minds half in the club, and half at a room.”


The decision of the clubs to the transferdeadline to bring forward, was not unanimous. However, the required two-thirds majority is obtained, which means that at least fourteen of the twenty clubs before voted.

There is not published which club(s) against the plans returned. Watford had earlier intimated the regelwijziging not sitting.

The clubs in the Premier League gave this summer, more money than ever before, more than one and a half billion euro. Many transfers were only established after the league has already started.

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