‘Trampolining is good for your condition”

‘Trampolining is good for your condition”

A twenty minute bounce on a trampoline is just as good for you as running, but it feels better and it is good for you. This indicates research from The American Council on Exercise.

There were 24 healthy students who followed over the last six months, three times per week sportten. They had 19 minutes long trampoline.

What particularly came to the fore is that the trampoline is not so intensely felt as it actually was. “This is probably because, while the muscles work hard, the trampoline, the shock absorbs that your body makes. As a result, the blows on your feet and legs less hard,” says researcher John P. Porcari.

Bounce on a trampoline showed the same effects as 11 kilometers of running per hour, cycling, or playing soccer, basketball or ultimate frisbee.

The researchers stress that several people bounce on a trampoline as a fun experience. “The fun-factor exceeds the factor that you’re hard at work. You focus more on having fun,” says Porcari.

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