Traffic in hong Kong is going to be again, who’s at the airport

The flights to and from hong Kong international airport on Tuesday, and again at the beginning. The authorities decided on Monday afternoon (local time), yet to be flown to cancel because of the protests at the airport. The building is home to hundreds of the protesters.

Travelers still need to be prepared for delays, as the airport is back on schedule. In addition, hundreds of flights are cancelled.

Cathay Pacific, that’s hong Kong as a home port, has a hundred flights on Tuesday are canceled. One of them was on a flight to amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. The airport is one of the largest airports in the world. Each year, 75 million people use the airport.

To are said to have been on Monday, more than a thousand people in attendance at the protest. It could be the aircraft of countries that are already on the way to the airport. For passengers difficult to get to the airport or to the left.

It has been in since Friday and peacefully demonstrated, at the airport, but the hong kong authorities saw it last week, still no reason to take drastic action.

Again, people at the airport in hong Kong

Protesters run since Friday’s action at the airport in hong Kong.
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On Monday, it decided to create a large part of the flight to be cancelled.
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As a part of the demonstrators remained overnight at the airport.
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Also, Tuesday, passengers to deal with delays and cancellations.
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The unrest in hong Kong, it takes all of about two months.
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‘The economy needs to be reset

The protests have a greater impact for the hong kong economy. Carrie Lam, the top director in hong Kong, has argued that the regional economy should recover from the ongoing protests. She said that it was the violence of the protesters has led to a state of panic and disorder”.

The political unrest in hong Kong, keep for more than two months, and it was a controversial bill that would have given delivery to China is available. The demonstrations are running more and more out of control. Both of the demonstrators or any of its agents to use force against each other.

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Beijing sees the signals from the counter

China is talking more and more about the events in the special administrative region. A spokesman for the firm, which deals with hong Kong and Macau, says: “the signals of “terrorism” can be seen at the protests.

This past weekend saw the protests in hong Kong is quite out of control. If cast who’s, two molotov cocktails, leaving one agent was wounded. The man is in the hospital to be treated for burns on his legs.

The protesters say that riot police just to be a lot of violence against them. For example, would a woman with a rubber bullet in the back of her eyes, to which the eye is permanently damaged. Also, they say that the agents are less than 1 metre away from the people we have employed.

In the several hospitals and is currently being held against police brutality, which, according to the who’s independence to research needs to be done about it.


Why hong Kong is so often demonstrates

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