Tractorgigant John Deere buy company that with AI weed fights

Tractorgigant John Deere buy company that with AI weed fights

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The American tractor manufacturer John Deere has the startup Blue River Technology purchased. The acquired company fights with artificial intelligence (AI) weeds.

That John Deere announced in a press release. For the acquisition of 305 million dollars invested, converted approximately 255 million euro.

Blue River Technology makes software that allows drones crops can analyze. This allows a drone to automatically the locations of weed identification and spraying.
John Deere invests more in new technologies. The tractors of the company are, for example, partly tracked, with GPS and image sensors to be used to set a path to determine during the harvest.

According to the tractormaker the acquisition is similar to that of NavCom in 1999, where the zelfrijdtechnologie of the tractors is based on. It would mean that the technology of Blue River in the long term in equipment of John Deere is integrated.


Technology company IBM announced this week is also an investment in artificial intelligence. The company will in the next ten years, 240 million dollars put into research into AI systems.

The money will be invested in the new MIT-IBM Watson AI-lab, where research is being done on applications for the artificial intelligence of Watson of the company.

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