Toussaint in top form at european CHAMPIONSHIPS short-course: I will keep myself continually surprised’

Swimmer Kira Toussaint will start this week in Glasgow for the first time ever, one of the titelfavorieten to be a great tournament. The rugslagspecialiste, which fall one after the other record-breaking, it’s swim, learn to appreciate and have faith in the run-up to the european short-course is also becoming more and more of her own potential.

‘Toussaint, tying the records together’ (US, October 22), ‘Toussaint, remains the Dutch record on arms and legs tighten up’ (the ‘AD, the 12th of October) and Toussaint there English record, continue on” to be 11 in October). A few of the excellent headlines of the last few months, Toussant. The 25-year-old in Amsterdam can be a modest smile, do not suppress it, as she recognizes that “it is, indeed, going to”.

“It’s very, very accustomed to in my time as a matter of habit,” says Toussaint, after a training session at the Sloterparkbad in Amsterdam, in the interview with NUsport. “As an athlete, you can look directly at what needs to be improved, and how can you make it even better, you can do it, but you’re also thinking: well, it was pretty good.”

“A friend of mine saw that I was very, very, very surprised, looked me in the race and have a good time myself and see. He also said: ‘do you not Believe that your computer is able to swim, or what?” There are sometimes, however, you need to know. I just keep to myself all the time to be surprised.”

Not only are the Dutch records in the 50-and 100-meter backstroke (short – as well as excellent tactical and technical skills) in the name of Toussaint, and she knew that the national toptijden in the last few weeks and also regular further in to the process. In the province of North Holland in the form of her life, and that ironically, it is partly to do with the absolute low point of her career.

Kira Toussaint in her life. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“I really swimming a lot more

By the end of 2018, it was Toussaint has been wrongly accused of doping, causing them to months did not be in action it should be. Hair drug tests turned out to be a ‘valspositief’, is caused by the allowed medications are used. Even though she is a long time, was not allowed to swim, provided that embarrassing blunder by the authorities, and her insights.

“This matter has had an impact on how the sport is approximate. Swimming was always something I just did, but now I appreciate it a lot more,” said Toussaint. “A good example of this is a zwemtoernooi in Antwerp, and in January this year, will be held. It is not really a great game, because it takes a long time, and it’s a little bit of work.”

“Everyone’s demands, there will also always be on, but the last time I was through with the matter, not participate in. And then I was like, Jesus, guys, I want to be, just stop with the whining about the tournament. I’ve learned in all that time, that swimming is not all of it is part of my life. Therefore, I am now more free to swim, and that’s why I am good at it.”

The state of Toussaint was due to its recent performance has changed, and that also means more expectations from the outside world, especially with regard to the Olympic Games next summer in Tokyo, japan. It shows what the development has not gone unnoticed by the media.

“On a global zwemsite, I read somewhere that I have to me given it had to be because I was a dark horse for an olympic medal, am. That is, it is still fun to read. My coach said a time ago that I had the time to swim I swim, but I didnít believe myself, they never are. Now, I realise, slowly, that this kind of objectives you will be able to.”

She falls in love with Toussaint’s glad that she is now more free to swim. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“This is a good time to get the gold to grab it on I

A number of Dutch athletes – including those who sign Ranomi Kromowidjojo of them have chosen to support the european CHAMPIONSHIPS for short-course, eight months before the Games to do it and he can concentrate on the Swim Cup in Amsterdam, where olympic qualification is on the horizon, is located.

The Swim Cup begins just five days after the last day of the european CHAMPIONSHIP, but for Toussaint, it was definitely not an option for the big tournament in Glasgow to let go of. They want revenge for last year, when she was in China, Hangzhou was the world cup short-course, but because of the dopingbeschuldiging the first plane back home to pick up.

“The miss of the world cup last year and I’m now in the european short-course swimming”, says Toussaint is clear. “The world cup in the last few months that have passed, and I’ve been a regular 59,9 (the olympics, the limit for the 100-meter backstroke, ed.). place, which makes me think that I need to be able to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and the Swim-Cup to match. The other one does not get in the way.”

In spite of its successes, continues to Toussaint across the media normally prefer to be modest about her chances at the european CHAMPIONSHIP (4-8 december), but it’s in good shape, stab junior knows where it is in the city of Glasgow. “I just want to have the gold pack in there. This is what I tell myself and those around me have said. Does this make sense? If there is a time to win is now.

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