Tourists stranded in Thailand and can never walk again’ after a dip in the pool

Family and friends of Sophie Wilson, 24, are desperately trying to raise $75,528 to pay for a specialist medical flight home.

A British backpacker stranded in Thailand “may never walk” after breaking her neck while diving into a swimming pool.

Family and friends of Sophie Wilson, 24, are desperately trying to raise £60,000 ($75,528) to pay for a specialist medical flight home after her insurer refused to cover the costs.

The backpacker, of Shepshed, Leicestershire, was just a week in her dream six-month trip when she dived into a swimming pool in Pai, northern Thailand, but misjudged the depth, reports iNews.

A fellow tourists rescued from the former coffee shop manager, pulls her out of the pool.

Wilson told iNews, “at first I was in shock; I never had any reason to believe that the pool to be so shallow as people were jumping and diving in for me.”

Although they are not to lose consciousness, she could not for her body, “unbearable pain in my neck”, and had no feeling in her legs.

After initially being transported to a hospital because of her serious injuries, Wilson was sent to Chiangmai Ram Hospital.

But the facility refused to operate on her until her family is guaranteed to fund it.

Wilson said that her travel insurance company Insure and Go has dropped to cover her medical bills if the accident is caused as a result of ‘reckless behaviour’.

A GoFundMe fundraising page says that on Saturday 1 December, her family “received the shocking news that she was involved in a terrible accident and is currently being rushed to the hospital, with no feeling anywhere in her body.

“Sophie had been a lifelong dream to travel, but was only in Thailand for a week before we received this news.”

Her parents, John and Jane, flew immediately to her hospital bed as she went to the theater for a major surgery.

Wilson’s spinal cord is compressed, after breaking her neck at C6 and C7, the spinal segment, and that helps to make the neck with structural support.

The fundraising page adds, “This means that we are currently in a situation where we are unsure, at this stage the question of whether Sophie is able to walk again.”

Her father and mother were told that she was “lucky to be alive as it was ‘touch and go’ at a given moment, the question of whether she was going to live because of her blood pressure to drop to a dangerously low level.

“Sophie has undergone since 10 hours of surgery in Thailand, both of which were a success and have gone on to maximize her chances of recovery.”

The good news is that Sophie has made “progress, because she is now able to move one arm and the pain is slowly beginning to ease”.

However, the fundraising page explains: “our case is not yet supported by the insurance companies.

“They have let us know that they will not be to cover the costs of the activities, and what care they need from this moment, or more importantly for us, getting from her home to the united kingdom.

“So, this our family has faced with the prospect of paying for such costs.”

Hospital the costs are already incurred up to £36,000 ($45,316), but the bill will rise to more than £60,000 ($75,528) as Sophie “, a medical specialist flight home.

“This will lead to the constant care and attention of a doctor and two nurses for the duration of the trip home from Thailand because of the severity of Sophie’s injuries.

“Doctors in Thailand have emphasized that this is the only way of travelling that they are well supported by the delicate state of Sophie and the necessity of intensive care for the duration of the flight.

“Therefore, this now means that the potential of the total cost of all the medical costs seem likely to rise more than £60,000 ($75,528).

“Our family’s priority is to Sophie on their own soil, to continue her recovery, prevent medical costs will continue to rise and get her back with all of her loved ones.”

A touching tribute to the GoFundMe page says: “Sophie is one of the bravest women you could ever wish to meet and she is our little miracle.

“Our desire now is to bring her home as soon as practically possible, so that she can begin her rehabilitation program for the support of the recovery process.”

The BRITISH government says that there is “an excellent private hospitals in Thailand, but they can be expensive. Many hospitals require guarantee of payment before they start the treatment.

“Make sure that you have adequate health insurance and accessible funds to cover the costs of medical treatment abroad and repatriation.”

The Sun Online has contacted Insure and Go for a response.

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