Tourists could soon be in China the pot

China is an urgent need to fulfill it: with a true National Toiletrevolutie will be more than half a million public toilets were built or renovated.

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With the low number of actual toilets, which are often dirty and insufficient, felt the tourists are rarely at ease. The toilet in China is almost the last remnant of the communist thinking: congestion is an almost collective affair. Will the capitalist be more thrilled that he/she is in a more private way of excess things can get rid in the middle kingdom.


Ultimately, the public small rooms especially the tourist needs to cover. Tourists were often angry because there are too few toilets, they were dirty, and there is no onderhouspersoneel was present, wrote the agency New China.

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An important operation is the installation of paper rolls that are no longer in their entirety can be stolen, what tourists will allow their newspaper to be used for their first purpose: to be read.

Another innovation is the installation of scanners: which to scan first the face of the visitor before the person automatically a few sheets of paper to be delivered. Stealing TOILET paper is a toelatingsverbod for the toiletcomplex in question.

The Kleinekamerrevolutie is in China for years prepared by signs on the toilets that visitors council, ‘A small pool for man, one giant step for civilization.

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