Tour operators pick up travelers in the Gambia back to the Netherlands

Tour operators pick up travelers in the Gambia back to the Netherlands

More than 1,600 people who currently travel through the Gambia through tour operators TUI and Corendon be recovered to the Netherlands. President Yahya Jammeh announced Tuesday the state of emergency, two days before he has the power to transmit it.

According to TUI, the country is now not suitable as a tourist destination. TUI brings in the coming days, no new holidaymakers to the Gambia.

The people who come to the Netherlands to go back, be Wednesday and Thursday, picked up, as the situation at the airport of Banjul permits. Most of the travelers staying in a hotel, but there are also those who just booked a ticket, according to the organization that is trying to get with all the travellers in Gambia.

According to director Steven van der Heijden of Corendon is the last message that the airport in Banjul Tuesday night would be closed: “It is still the question of whether we the people tonight.” Corendon think four flights the need for everyone to take. The travel agency has a part of the people still can not reach. Corendon has 831 people in the country.


Weggestemde president of the Gambia announces state of emergency

State of emergency

In the Gambia, is the post-election unrest occurred because Jammeh refuses to accept the power. He lost on december 1, the election of Adama Barrow.

The state of emergency, according to Jammeh, to prevent a power vacuum is created while the supreme court tackles the election results. Jammeh trying those results void.

The winner of the Gambian presidential elections, to neighboring Senegal left. It is unclear why Barrow, a former real estate agent, has fled to Dakar. According to some supporters felt the politician is vulnerable in his home country.

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Jammeh is the president of the Gambia since independence from the United Kingdom in 1965. He came in 1994 to power after a coup. His government has the reputation of opponents, to torture or to kill.

According to the state, the ministers of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Environment has been left out of the government.

Also the mayor of the capital city, Banjul, is left. Hundreds of Gambians have fled to neighbouring Senegal.


Nigeria and some other West African countries are preparing for a military intervention in the country.

Monday the West African countries held a meeting talked about how Jammeh the best way could be, says a source from the Nigerian army.

“Some countries want to send troops, including Nigeria,” says the source. According to him, the United Nations and the African Union’s plan to support.

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Travel advice

The ministry of Foreign Affairs ontraadt Dutch people to holiday travel, to take to the Gambia. The travel advice for the African country on Tuesday tightened.

The color code at the travel advice on the website has been changed from yellow (safety risk) to orange (only necessary travel).

Foreign Affairs has all the people who are in the Gambia and living in the ministry are known via an sms to be informed of the more stringent opinion.

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