Totaaluitslag StemWijzer was for some time in to see

Totaaluitslag StemWijzer was for some time in to see

On the first day that the StemWijzer for the general election online, is clear on which party most people came out after the completion of the test.

That confirms a spokesman, we will have a policy, the author of the StemWijzer, the Tuesday after the discovery of the beveiligingsonderzoeker Loran Kloeze.

The browser used for the test to fill in, do post a request to a server of the StemWijzer to a full count of all results, thus Kloeze. That count was not visible for normal users, but could in the built-in ontwikkelaarsomgeving of the Chrome browser can be easily accessed.

From the most recent result which Kloeze tweeted shows that the largest number of StemWijzer-invullers (more than 45,000) leads to the PVV. That party is followed by PvdA, VVD, y for the Animals and 50Plus.

He does, of course. Still subject to change. #StemWijzer update:


Time of placing
05:22 – 07 February 2017


We will have a policy increases, according to a spokesperson for the datalek very seriously. “It is good that it is now coming to light, and not at a later time, when more data is known. We do not want this on the street.” Now is the leak poem.

According to we will have a policy, the dates of the StemWijzer is not representative for the elections. “Some people fill it very quickly, or choose to only, for example, the first answer”. A high score for the PVV, according to the creators of StemWijzer, therefore, does not mean that this party also will score a goal during the elections.

Kloeze mentions the vulnerability in the first place was a stupid error. “But if the StemWijzer is incorrect seems to be working, then that may certainly have influence,” said the beveiligingsonderzoeker. “A lot of people use the stemwijzer yet to finally determine where they vote.”

According Kloeze is in the code of the StemWijzer also the text “SijmenRuwhofiseenlul” hidden. This refers to the beveiligingsonderzoeker who discovered that verkiezingssoftware vulnerable.

‘Take voting advice kieswijzers’t just about’


Interestingly enough, said managing director Eddy One Jansen of we will have a policy on Monday that the StemWijzer this year extra is well protected against hackers. He gave no details, but said the measures to have taken as a result of hacks around the presidential elections in the United States.

According to security researchers is the leak of the results, however, not the only technical problem with the StemWijzer. There is also criticism on the use of an advertising service from Google on the site.

In the privacy policy of the StemWijzer is that the ‘trackers’ of Google is not to be used to data about political views, but from analysis of researcher Sjors Provoost indicated that more is passed to any questions as extra important to be marked by people who took the test fill.

“They have the StemWijzer offline until this is resolved,” concluded Kloeze Tuesday morning on Twitter. “It is deeply flawed…”

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