“Toshiba wants to chipdivisie sell for 8 billion euro

“Toshiba wants to chipdivisie sell for 8 billion euro

Photo: AFP

Technology company Toshiba would be chipdivisie want to sell it for 1 trillion yen, or 8.3 billion euros.

That tells a source familiar with the sales plans to Reuters.

For that amount, would Toshiba have branch sell that NAND memory chips. It is a large part or the division, or maybe even the entire business unit.

Earlier rumors pointed out that Toshiba is a sale of his chipdivisie considered. The sought-after sale follow after the company us $ 6 billion had to flush in the United States, because of the enormous cost overruns within its nuclear division.

The company previously had planned to only a fifth of the chipdivisie to sell, but according to the source, now has his sights set on the sale of a larger segment. It looked to the sale to multiple parties at the same time. The investors, clients of Toshiba and other chipmakers.

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