Top ten AD Oliebollentest in a year of big change

Top ten AD Oliebollentest in a year of big change

The top ten of the best Dutch oliebollenbakkers is a big change. In the annual test of the AD are three bakeries in the top ten in 2015 also stood.

As in 2015, oliebollenmaker master baker Voskamp from Spijkenisse on-one.

Bakery Olink from Maarssen obtained last year the silver, but knew this year the jury not to win. The jury had trouble with the fat content of the bulbs and placed the bakery this year on the 29th place. Also the number three of last year’s Bread and cake shop Jan Pieter Duin from Tiel is enormously and is now at number twenty. Reason for that is the large amount of filling in the oliebol.

Richard Visser from Rotterdam is for the fifteenth time in the best oliebollenkramen of the Netherlands. Yet he fells this year, three places and ends not fourth, but seventh. The number five of 2015 was Gebakkraam Nico Sterrenberg from Schiedam. This year Sterrenberg in contrast to previous years just outside the top 10 with thirteen.


Last year was bakery Vliegendehond from Wolvega still an honourable sixth place. This bakery was multiple times in the top 10, but dropped this year to place 57 by a “to be pronounced fruit”. A striking silver is Versbakkerij Eshuis. This oliebollenbakker had in 2015, a final grade of 9.5, but ends this year at number 99, by the quality of the crust.

At Oliebollenhut Tholen from Tholen speaks to the jury of “a mystery”. The dumplings ended last year in eighth place, but bags to spot 73 by a “not-to-define off-flavor”. Positive news for Early Bunnik. Last year’s ninth place and ends now at number four by the “golden formula”.

The number ten of 2015 is this year assessed as an “average oliebol”. The bulbs of Bread – and Confectionery Lorkeers from Nijverdal to have a crispy crust and good flavor , but the jury had difficulty with the clearly visible pieces of apple in the bulb and turn the pol on number 34.


The top 10 of 2016 also has a few surprises. Bakkerij Aad Klootwijk from Capelle aan den IJssel, the netherlands was last year finished at number 46 and passed this year the third place. Also bakery Jonker from Oldebroek rose significantly from place 33 to the fifth position.

Bakery Jansen and Terpstra from Oosterwolde was last year, not yet included in the test, but ends this year on place six. Also, bakker Roel from Utrecht ends after the first test on an honorable eighth position. Bakkerij van der Waal from Ridderkerk and Tijsterman Bakkers from Oegstgeest debut this year with a ninth and tenth place.

Major cities

In Rotterdam a total of 25 stalls reviewed. The highest score is a 9.5 and the stall with the worst donuts got a 3.5 from the jury. In Amsterdam were five stalls reviewed. The Ferry holds a 6.5 and in the Ferdinand Bolstraat achieve the dumplings of Bread – and Confectionery Rud. H. Venekamp a 4.5 as a final grade.

In Utrecht, the best donuts are sold at the bakeries of Roel. These donuts were assessed with a nine. In the Dutch Gebakkraam J. Witstijn is the oliebol chewy and soggy and ends on the last place in the City. In The Hague, fourteen oliebollenbakker tested. The best oliebol got a 7.5. The least tasty of Gebakkraam Jan Vermolen that a five as the final grade received.

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