Top talent Matla want to join EK hockey not a fool by hype

Top talent Matla want to join EK hockey not a fool by hype

If it is about the future of the Dutch hockeysters, then the name of Frederique Matla. The only 20-year-old Valkenswaardse in her first months in the big Orange a strong impression, but watch yourself for a relapse.

“I feel not really pressure,” said Matla during a press conference prior to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Amstelveen, that for the Oranjevrouwen Friday night begins with a group competition against Spain.

“I hear now lyrics as Matla is on fire, but I just need to continue to work hard and enjoy this time. I may still make mistakes. In this regard, I’m not crazy by everything what’s happening around me.”

Matla found since her debut in June at the halvefinaleronde of the Hockey World League is already eight times the net for the Orange. It makes logically high expectations for the European title in their own country, but the top talent remains cool under all the attention.

“It is nice if you are positive in the media. It is said that I’m doing in Orange. But it interests me not or I will be twenty in bang, or that Lidewij Welten or Kelly Jonker do that. That’s not the point. I just want my game to be a good contribution.”


Gold only thing that matters for Oranjeploegen at EK hockey in their own country


However, should all be a little less go on the EK, Matla is the first that will admit it. “I’m very critical on myself. I am the first who will find that it is better. Sometimes, I say sometimes to myself: It is okay. You don’t need a ten to play. Relativeer it up a bit and simply bask in that orange shirt.”

The doelpuntenmoyenne of Matla is extra special since they are in Orange for the first time really as a deep striker plays. At her club Den Bosch acted in the last part of the season as hanging striker, while they before that time always as a midfielder within the lines appeared.

“In that respect, I am surprised about my performance so far,” said Matla. “I have in Orange, which is often scored than in five years at Den Bosch.”

“Of course it saves or I on the midfield or in the attack play. I stand there, of course, to score goals. But I have no expectations for myself to create that I can’t fulfill. This is all very nice. More value, and I would also not attach.”


That Matla a career is predicted, which is evident from the fact that during the youth world CHAMPIONSHIPS in november of last year, the Lionel Messi of the tournament was called.

“That was nice to hear. The world cup was in Chile, but we played the final against Argentina. The Argentine supporters compared myself with Messi. That they that about me said, I found a very great compliment. Ha, Messi is not just anyone.”

Matla looks forward to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in their own country. She hopes with Orange favorietenstatus. “We will, of course, for gold. I want my own game to play and not too much impressed by what is happening around me.”

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