TOP Oss and Sparta hunting goals in the third play-offduel of the day

With the Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch (2-2), RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior (2-1), TOP Oss-Sparta Rotterdam (16.45) and SC Cambuur-De Graafschap (20.00) Sunday, the first halvefinaleduels in the play-offs for promotion/relegation in the program. Don’t miss out in this liveblog.

  • Promotion/relegation:
  • Semi-finals
  • Heenwedstrijden
  • LIVE:
  • TOP Oss-Sparta (0-0)
  • Later:
  • Cambuur-Graafschap
  • Results:
  • Go Ahead-Den Bosch 2-2
  • RKC-Excelsior 2-1

Eibar-FC Barcelona 路 4 minutes geleden1′ The ball rolls in the French Heesenstadion. TOP Oss-Sparta is on the way.TOP Oss-Sparta 路 8 minutes geledenHet rains very hard in Oss, but the competition is just going to without delay start.

It comes pouring from the sky. Still a few minutes until kick off… #topspa

AvatarAuteurTOP OssMoment of plaatsen16:43 – 19 may 2019TOP Oss-Sparta 路 24 minutes ago

The box flows slowly filled with 450 Spartans. 馃敶鈿笍 #topspa

AvatarAuteurSparta RotterdamMoment of plaatsen16:22 – 19 may 2019TOP Oss-Sparta 路 26 minutes geledenDit are the twenty-two names on the kick-off will appear at TOP Oss-Sparta:

TOP Oss: Koeman; Asmelash, Piqu茅, Nieveld, Stuy van den Herik, Rommens, Jaw, Rommens, Smeets, Dogan and Oratmangoen

Sparta: Coremans; Dabo, Wuytens, Abel, Faye; Auassar, D. Duarte, Harraoui; L. Duarte, Veldwijk and RayhiRKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 31 minutes ago

馃 Battle. Passion. Pride. 馃
馃挍馃挋 We beat Excelsior in the first match of the Semi-Finals! A nice starting point for next Wednesday in Rotterdam!

AvatarAuteurRKC WaalwijkMoment of plaatsen16:22 – 19 may 2019RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 33 minutes agoPast! y in Waalwijk, the netherlands. RKC will win with 2-1 Excelsior by the winning goal from Jurien Gaari.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 34 minutes geleden90′ RKC plays the stoppage time professional. The team of Fred Grim keeps the ball in the team.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 37 minutes geleden90 ” There will be at least four minutes. Can Excelsior defeat still occur?RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 38 minutes agoThe 2-1 of Gaari in the picture.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 40 minutes geleden86′ Vaessen state. The corner of the People that follows does not cause danger. RKC have five more minutes to endure.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 41 minutes geleden86′ Goaltender Etienne Vaessen collapses to the ground. The goalkeeper Is really injured or does he just have some time?RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 42 minutes agoy in Waalwijk, the netherlands.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 one hour geleden81′ GOAL manchester city! 2-1

The ball falls fortunately for the foot of right back Jurien Gaari. He thinks, not after, ramming the ball behind the stray Alessandro Damen.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 one hour geleden76′ Excelsior seek more and more the attack. It seems to be a matter of time for the 1-2.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 one hour geleden70′ GOAL Excelsior! 1-1

Melle Meulensteen processed a flurry of Horemans bad. This is the ball for the feet of Jeffrey Fortes, who doesn’t think and ball hard against the ropes hunts.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 one hour agoHere shoot Mario Bilate the 1-0.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 one hour geleden63′ Excelsior also turn after the opening goal of his side of the ball and not to opportunities. It seems to wait for the first swap of Ricardo Moniz.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 one hour geleden55′ Excelsior is up to two times, sloppy in the build-up. RKC will not profit, but the Locals seem confused.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 one hour geleden52′ GOAL manchester city! 1-0

Mario Bilate makes the deserved opening goal for the home team. The striker works a vlotlopende attack.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 one hour agoKick-off! The second half is started. Excelsior was very difficult with the bright RKC.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours agoPeace! RKC Waalwijk and Excelsior to go with the tea. After three quarter it’s 0-0.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours geleden43′ A header from Elias Omarsson is the first threatening moment for the RKC goal. The commitment of the Farmer goes more than along.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours geleden39′ Now, Ryan Koolwijk on the receipt. The captain of Excelsior is firmly on Mario Bilate.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours geleden37′ The first yellow card of the match goes Gaari of RKC.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours geleden30′ After an excellent pass from Anas Tahiri with outside shoe omspeelt Mario Bilate Excelsior goalkeeper Damen. The striker of RKC gets on the ball only, not along Thomas Oude Kotte, which is well established on the goal line.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours ago28′ of the Excelsior in the first half hour is very difficult with RKC Waalwijk.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours geleden26′ Jurgen Mattheij trying the of more than thirty yards with a shot distance. Goalkeeper Etienne Vaessen is not impressed by his commitment.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours geleden21′ Excelsior is the heavy. Emil Hansson slips past his direct opponent, but with his ball no banned. Again a chance for the Waalwijkers.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours geleden18′ A cross of hans van Koolwijk is a simple prey for RKC goalkeeper Vaessen. Excelsior is not there yet.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours geleden14′ Stijn Spierings shoot the ball after a good cross from Gaari high. The first real chance of the match for his side.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours geleden9, ” Despite the attacking intentions of Excelsior is the team not yet to opportunities. Ricardo Moniz is impatient along the line.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours geleden6′ Emil Hansson lost the first shot of the contest. He shoots the ball wildly in the box.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours geleden3′ Excelsior insists the home team right back in their own half.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 2 hours agoKick-off! Both teams are ready for kick-off in Waalwijk, the netherlands. Referee Richard Martens flute for the beginning.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch 路 3 hours agoVan Moorsel apologetic after miss penalty kick
Paco van Moorsel is the weakling on the side of Go Ahead Eagles after the 2-2 draw against FC Den Bosch. The attacking midfielder lacks in the final stage of the match a penalty kick. “I must just make. Now you go with 2-2 to Den Bosch and that is risky.” Also in the rebound scored From Moorsel. “Then I touch the ball just completely wrong. That take I’m sorry.”Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch 路 3 hours geleden90 ” There will be a minimum of five minutes additional time to play at.RKC Waalwijk-Excelsior 路 3 hours geledenOm 14. 30 steps, RKC and Excelsior in Waalwijk, the netherlands. The Locals are busy with the warm-up.

The first supporters to come inside while the warm-up is started. #rkcexc #writinghistory #strijdenenwinnen #samensterk 鈿笍馃敶

AvatarAuteurExcelsior RotterdamMoment of plaatsen13:57 – 19 may 2019Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch 路 3 hours geledenDe miss van Moorsel.

馃槺 | Paco van Moorsel will sleep tonight. First, he misses the penalty and then the rebound.
Therefore, it is still 2-2 in Deventer.

AvatarAuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen13:54 – 19 may 2019Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch 路 3 hours agoThe players of Den Bosch to celebrate with the fans.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch 路 3 hours geleden66′ At Den Bosch is going to captain Danny Verbeek to the side. The lefty is relieved by Sven Blummel.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch 路 3 hours geleden60′ A bill for the home team. Pieter Langedijk comes into the team for Richard van der Venne.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch 路 3 hours geleden57′ And again saves Van der Steen FC Den Bosch. Navratil takes the ball on his slipper, but the goalkeeper and tap the ball from the top corner.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch 路 3 hours geleden57′ Istvan Bakx let an imposed opportunity. Eye-to-eye with Van der Steen he shoots right at the keeper.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch 路 4 hours geleden50′ GOAL FC Den Bosch! 1-2

On a low cross from Danny Verbeek shoot Luuk Brewers hit the ball hard in the short corner behind Hobie Verhulst. FC Den Bosch is doing very good business.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch 路 4 hours geleden48′ is No party for Go Ahead Eagles. Thomas Verheijdt seems to score a goal, but through the intervention of the VAR clears the arbitrator Kamphuis the goal.Go Ahead Eagles-FC Den Bosch 路 4 hours agoKick-off! Danny Verbeek kicks off, and put the second half in motion.Back to top

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