Top japanese diplomat present new evidence at Home during the hearing

Top japanese diplomat present new evidence at Home during the hearing

William Taylor, the Us deputy ambassador to Ukraine on Wednesday in a public hearing, testified before Congress. He said that as president, Donald Trump, during a telephone conversation with the EU ambassador, Sondland asked to “investigate”.

That is, it is possible to have a direct link between the Home and the unofficial ‘ foreign policy in respect of Ukraine, which is led by his personal lawyer.

The EU ambassador, Sondland was just a meeting with the new Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky. He would, He replied, that “the Ukrainians are ready to take the next step”.

The associate of Taylor’s, that the phone call would have taken care of, asked for, according to the witness, and Sondland president Trump of Ukraine were found.

Taylor said, “Ambassador, Sondland said that as president, He is more in order for the research to Offer returns.”

He would, of course, Zelensky, have demanded that an investigation into the range of plant has announced. The American president would be almost $ 400 million in military aid to Ukraine, frozen as a means of exerting pressure, and also to a proposed meeting between him and Zelensky in the White House, and in this way we have used it.

The military aid to the Ukraine was to be made available, when senators from both parties at the White House to complain about the issue and were threatened with new legislation in order to fight.

In addition, Taylor also testified that George Has, anonymous senior official of the ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for Ukraine. In the first part of the hearing, which contained much more of a spectacle than it is a sequel.

The witnesses speak of the “schaduwbeleid” out of the White House

Well, Taylor, as Has confirmed what they have, last month, also said during the interview behind closed doors that the White House is a schaduwbeleid in respect of Ukraine is carried out outside of the regular channels are all about, and it was directed by the Trumps ‘ personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani-who has no official role in the government.

The schaduwbeleid seemed to be the first in-sync with the regular Oekraïnebeleid of the united states department of state, but woke up with the two witnesses, when it had become clear that Giuliani, Ukraine is pressured in order to examine the political rivals of the Home to announce it. It would be the Ukrainian’s desire for a White House meeting between He and Zelensky, and a total of nearly $ 400 million in military assistance, as pressiemiddelen be used.

Taylor came out with a new revelation

The disclosure of Taylor, on the telephone, that his / her employees write was a new thing; they didn’t come out during a private hearing last month. He heard the story from his / her employees then, ” he said.

This statement is in conflict with that of the Sondland, who, behind closed doors, bore witness, not with the Home on the research to be discussed.

Speak to Taylor, in this, Donald Trump himself, who has said Sondland is hard to know, and refuted, he claims Trumps the Republican defenders of the president was not involved in the work of his attorney, Giuliani is in the Ukraine.

The EU ambassador, Sondland will appear next week at a public hearing. A representative of the ministry of Foreign Affairs, and David Holmes, it will be behind closed doors, to be heard, were the last of the inlichtingencomité of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, during the testimony of each other. Reportedly, it is not even getting to the clerk, who told him about the phone call between He and Sondland.

Taylor, in particular, a policy that Ukraine’s life is in danger

Top japanese diplomat, Taylor was on the set of rock-hard, in his opinion, the non-Oekraïnebeleid of the White House. He drew a link between the freezing of military aid, and the deaths of Ukrainian soldiers on the front line in Eastern Ukraine, and that he has recently it is visited. “I and others like me were shocked,” he said about the moment he found out that the funds were to be frozen.

“Ukrainians were fighting against the Russians were not only on the training and the weapons, but also to the affirmation of Us support. Within the blink of an eye, I realized that one of the pillars of our strong support for Ukraine, was under threat. It is illegal beleidskanaal was directly contrary to the goals of the long-prevailing American policy.”

The republicans put the statements away as a chat

The Republican party during the hearing to do all we can in order to maintain the focus to shift to the alleged verkiezingsinmenging of government in 2016. It seemed that the attention would lead to the subject, where are the impeachement-examined about it, namely, the efforts of the Home, to Ukraine, to move in to help with an investigation against his political opponent.

Republicans insisted during the interview that Taylor will not meeluisterde with a phone call between He and Zelensky, with the Ukrainian president, was speaking about the demands of a Home, and a lot of others have been heard.

The Us president, was, through his spokesman don’t know the answer to look at. However, a quick look at the Twitter feed, He does it again, the presumption is that the president is a little more intense with all the things in the House, owns his spokesman said earlier today, the alleged. The president set two new campagnevideo’s attack on the impeachmentproces, and in a broader attack on the Democratic party.

A process marked by political division

The American media were divided on the testimony of at Home. Critical commentators have praised the clarity of the experience. Especially,, William Taylor, and has proved to be a powerful witness, which is a very damaging story about how the American president is setting out to find it. To the right-hand side is the usual Republican defense strategy will be followed.

The big question remains of whether the public hearings for the regular American to be able to convince you. Arriving on Friday it’s your turn, Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to the Ukraine, alleging that she was fired when she didn’t want to cooperate with Giuliani.

It’s likely that the Democrats, during the public hearings, and then to the room for witnesses, such as Alexander Vindman, a high-ranking soldier, who, however, meeluisterde during a phone call between He and Zelensky, and thus the main reason for the afzettingsonderzoek years.


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