Top GOP to the right Committee member: Trump’s ‘right’ to Mueller probe, as Nadler warns of a “cover-up”

in the vicinityVideoRep. Jerry Nadler, whether Democrats plan to keep the investigation trump card-no matter what in the Müller-report

Insights from the New York Congressman Jerry Nadler, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

House-judiciary-Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-NY, in an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” vowed congressional investigators press on, and continue to investigate, President Trump, while the warning may be unfolding justice Department “cover-up”, as he himself confirmed that Special Counsel Robert Muller apparently has closed its investigation, without informing a single American for illegal collusion with Russia.

Nadler also argues that it is “much too early to talk about impeachment” as Washington Attorney General William Barr ‘ s expected the much-anticipated release of Müller’s primary conclusions, the trump card is to say the personal lawyers, Fox News is expected on Sunday afternoon.

A fundamental reason for the introduction of the high-profile Müller-probe almost two years ago, it was to investigate and to keep track of any improper collusion of members of the trump campaign with Russia, but a senior justice Ministry officially confirmed on Friday that no new charges are coming from Muller’s office.

“All we know is that the special counsel is — what we think we know-that the special counsel will not bring a penalty for collusion,” Nadler host Chris Wallace said. “There are other investigations on which he cultivates, and the Southern district of New York, Eastern District of Virginia, and you may or may not be able to. We know, remember, in plain sight, a lot of consultation.

“For example, we know that the son of the President and his campaign were managers present at the meeting with the Russians, in order to obtain information that you were told in the invitation was part of attempts by the Russian government, to help you make the choice,” said Nadler. “We know that the head of the campaign was political targeting data to an agent of the Russian government. So we know a lot of things, and maybe it is not a criminal offence, but we know that it is collusion. The only question is the degree.”


Nadler added: “it is The task of the Congress is much wider than that of the job of the special counsel. The special Council, and can only look for crimes. We have to protect the rule of law, to search for, we have abuse of power, we don’t have to search for the obstacles to justice that we have, corruption in the exercise of power, it can be a crime.”

Rep. Doug Collins on whether the end of the Müller probe lifts the cloud over the White house

Special counsel Robert Muller closes his investigation with no new charges; reaction of House Judiciary Committee Ranking member Doug Collins.

A former senior law enforcement official told Fox News on Saturday, however, is that the Democrats lack the key powers of investigation that Mueller had, including the ability to convene grand juries and the Nadler path Scam is trying to criminalize, meeting with foreign actors, the special counsel apparently intended to be, is simply not criminal.

“With all the talk of the Democrats ‘intensification of their house-investigation”, said this former official, it was important to note that “in contrast to the Special Counsel Müller, the Congress and the [DOJ inspector General] is not convened grand juries, and initiate prosecution. If Mueller could not find fraud or to achieve conspiracy with any investigative tool, what do the Democrats expect?”

The trump team was the campaign only on the interaction with foreign nationals in 2016. Hillary Clinton ‘ s campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hired to produce the company, Fusion GPS, employed a British ex-spy Christopher Steele, an anti-Trump-Dossiers, used by the FBI to justify the surveillance of a top-trump-helpers-also known as SMS messages, exclusively revealed by Fox News this week that the DOJ raised seemingly “repeated” keep in mind that Steele, whose anti-Trump’s views are now widely known, was politically biased. The trump-helper, Carter page, which has not been loaded, the behavior with missing, although the FBI claimed initially, he had a conspiracy with the Russians.

House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins, R-Ga., in his own interview with “Fox News Sunday,” also stressed that the Nadler was unlikely to uncover anything of Müller.

Attorney General William Barr makes his home in McLean, Va., on Sunday morning, 24. March 2019. Barr is the preparation of a summary of the results of the special counsel for the investigation Committee of the Russian election disorders. The publication of Barr summary of the main conclusions of this report is expected to be sometime on Sunday.(AP Photo/Sait Serkan Gurbuz)


“As we of this Congress, [Democrats] have seen said-in the first two months is not really a political agenda,” Collins. “You have an agenda against the President. You have an agenda to try and win in 2020. And so what we see is that you think that you can go, in the judiciary Committee or any other Committee and have a limited budget, limited subpoena power, little staff, and go up against and investigation, which lasted 22 months, had unlimited power, unlimited summons, was thinking of many investigators — and you, you can find something more than what they did, then I think you are sadly mistaken.”

Collins added: “At this point, the President has proved to be correct. I think he was obviously frustrated during this time, and rightly so, to show how this report seems to be.”

His comments echoed that of the Senate Judiciary Committee member Chris Coons, a Democrat, and I think on Saturday during a telephone conference: “it is quite possible,” Coons said that the day the report is released “is a good day for the President and his followers.”

“At this point, the President has proved to be right.”

— House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins, R-Ga.

Nadler, however, indicated that Müller have found you can said important evidence against Trump — and that normal DOJ is not supposed to apply rules to prevent the disclosure of such information, according to an investigation.

“The Ministry of justice believes-normally, this is a very good rule. If you do not have enough evidence to judge that someone in a crime, you should not sully your name. However, the Ministry of justice is of the opinion that as a matter of law, the President, no matter what the evidence, can never be accused of everything because he is the President. … If you say that a President may not be held liable to prosecution, no matter what the evidence, as a matter of law, then according to the principle that you can’t, then comment on the evidence, or publish, convert it into a cover-up.”


People with signs of support for President Donald Trump van accompanying the motorcade of the President in West Palm Beach, Fla be seen by the media., Friday, March 22, 2019, on the way to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

He added: “If the President can’t be indicted because, as a matter of law, that is the only way a President can be held accountable is for the Congress to an act of viewing, if you earn it, and Congress can only do that if it the information. For the Department, to the position, we’re not going to have information to give, because he is not accused, like a normal person, he is not accused, because of a lack of evidence, is equivalent to a cover-up.”

But Collins later, Nadler criticized the push for a total release of the report, say that some reasonable limits must be accommodated.


“It is amazing to hear my President say that he wants everything,” said Collins. “Well, I would like to ask my Chairman, he included classified information, which have never been released to the American public? He would be 6C, the grand jury information, the things that usually never released to the public outside – really outside of a special order from the court? He would want to give up the things that actually in an ongoing investigation? I think the problem is that Democrats, and my President has a problem. You thought that this report show something that you could accuse of the President. This is not seemingly going to happen.”

Nadler separately took a shot at trump for his criticism of the intelligence community, as hopelessly biased. High-ranking members of the FBI investigative team, the Trump probed the campaign have been fired or resigned, according to the revelations that have been deleted, exchanged numerous anti-Trump-text-messages during the campaign (as well as thousands of other texts, which the Agency called a “glitch”), monitors a trump campaign aide with a warrant, this was a hard rented to a politically biased source to work for a company, the of the Clinton campaign, and illegally leaked information to the media without permission.

“It is part of a sustained attack by the administration and its allies on the integrity of the law enforcement authorities, the FBI, the special Prosecutor, in the last two years to try to the integrity and the credibility of our law enforcement agencies to dig, and this is something said to be very harmful for the country,” Nadler, refers to the trump card.

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