Top 8 wildest moments on ‘Dr. Phil revealed

“Dr. Phil” since 2002.


Phil McGraw has hosted hundreds of distressed individuals and their families seek professional help by his talk show, “Dr. Phil.”

His reputation as an independent psychologist, author and compatriot of Oprah Winfrey preceded him as a judgment in the growth of his program, but he has received criticism for his questionable ethics, motives and credentials.

Despite his potential lack of morality and inability to provide effective service, there is little debate that Dr. Phil ‘ s you can an entertaining spectacle. Here are a few of the unforgettable ones.

1. Cash me out

Does she really need an introduction? Danielle Bregoli first appeared on “Dr. Phil” in the appropriate title of episode: “I Want My Car to Steal, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-year-old Daughter Tried to Frame Me For A Crime.” Bregoli immediately became an internet sensation for the popular expression “cash me out, howbow that.” Bregoli maintained a tough attitude in her follow-up to the appearance a few months later, says Dr. Phil, “you were nothing before I came on this show.” Bregoli also thanked him in that episode, because without him she would probably not have garnered her immense social media following. She has since started a successful rap career under the name “Bhad Bahbie,” charts of three songs to date. By collecting multiple offenses and getting banned from Spirit airlines for life, she lives in her “tough” persona.

2. My father is Eminem and I’m pregnant with baby Jesus

Haley’s family brought her to “Dr. Phil” because she was a pathological liar and delusional. After they are not back yet on the claim that she was pregnant with the baby Jesus in the light of the six negative urine tests and a ultrasound scan that showed “no indication of a pregnancy,” as the guest, the doctor said, it was easy to see where her family came from. They eventually came up with the reality during medical treatment, as can be seen in its follow-up episode, but she remained adamant on the other bizarre claim that she made during her original segment that she shares ancestry with rapper Eminem. The idea was based on a picture of her as a toddler with someone who although looks like Eminem. Her mother claimed She knew who her father is (not Eminem, although Eminem actually has a daughter with the same name, but spelled “Hailie.”

3. I need at least a $2500 allowance per month

What would you do if you had $5,000 in the benefit of your mother was reduced to $1,000 in a jiffy? As a 15-year-old Nicolette Grey, you’d probably call Dr. Phil and pursuit of justice. Unfortunately for Gray, Dr. Phil sided with her mother, Nina, and introduced the concept of re-parenting. He even had the nerve to suggest Gray needed to get a job, so she could, “make a contribution to society instead of taking from society.” Gray currently embraces its title as the “Beverly Hills Brat” and has garnered a respectable following on YouTube, and both her and Nina garnered significant Insta-fame. Less than a month after the “Dr. Phil” episode aired, Nicolette posted a video of her 16th birthday: a G-Wagon. Wait, it gets better. Almost a month after that, she replaced that G-Wagon with another G-Wagon, but this time, she got the higher performance AMG model. A week later, she backed into a pole and dented the spare tire cover. If you are worried about how Nicolette, now 16 years old, can be faced with legal issues for driving without a driver’s license, don’t worry; they pay an adult to sit in her back seat while she drives.

4. Dr. Phil calls interview during the show

Bailey was brought on the show because they sent hundreds of messages on Twitter proclaiming her love for Jasmine, who lives states and that she never would’ve met. Despite the transfer of clear and repeated rejection to Bailey, her worship, which she called “the love story of the century,” persisted by Jasmine’s Twitter activity. When Bailey said, “Y’all can laugh at me. That is fine. I will be to you a spectacle,” Dr. Phil immediately shut down. “I’m not in all this melodrama, and you play the victim,” Dr. Phil said. “I don’t want to be a part of that.” Although her apology implied she may have honestly needed the help, he was not the only one. The awkwardness finally ends when Jasmine confronts Bailey and tells her, her face, that the love was never mutual.

5. The supply of the pot

There are a number of obscure laws that are out there. Ideally, so your 14-year-old daughter to have multiple sexual relationships, and smoke pot with you any day should not be one of them. “Do you understand that by law, it is a crime?” Dr. Phil asked Kaylie, the excessive laissez-faire mother of Gabrielle. “OK,” Kaylie answered. “But I explained why I do it that way.” Dr. Phil lost his patience when Gabrielle responded sarcastically to his concern. Than Dr. Phil turned on CJ, the father, for letting Gabrielle stay with Kaylie, even though he has full custody. Earlier in the episode, he said that he let Gabrielle stay with Kaylie, so she could see that her mother lived in a poor environment and, in turn, want to stay at home. The medical director of the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, Dr. Charles Sophie, dropped the hammer as CJ ‘ s good intentions have failed catastrophically. .

6. Teacher suing the high school she had an affair with

High school teacher Tanya Ramirez was fully aware she would get the ax in the case of her sexual encounter with the 17-year-old student, Tristan a way it was broadcast, but she was surprised when the police came knocking. “I didn’t know that something is legally wrong,” Ramirez told Dr. Phil, citing that Tristan was a consenting adult, and that she was not a direct figure of authority to him that they never taught him in the classroom. Ramirez also called the affair a “set-up”, because Tristan secretly recorded them in the act and shared the video without her consent. Ramirez was also distraught with Tristan’s mother, Kim, the reach of the media and called her a ” sexual predator.” As a result, Ramirez sued Tristan for violation of privacy and emotional distress, and Kim for defamation. It is not surprising that her argument that consensual sex “should be included under the rights of privacy relating to the fundamental rights of marriage, procreation, contraception, family relationships, child rearing, and education”, was off the table.

7. Unaware of the man duped by online dating scams

Identity theft is no joke. Internet scams are not. Dennis had very little attention for any of these possibilities when he sent more than $200,000 in the course of almost a year to Kimberly Escobar, who he had met online and intended to get married through a dating site. The story of “Kimberly” told Dennis is almost as funny as this unfortunate scam: she left her home in Chicago with her daughter, “Sandra,” to attend a business trip in South Africa, where they both ended up in the hospital after a “horrific car accident.” As soon as they were cleared from the hospital and finally on the way home, Kimberly and Sandra were detained at the airport, because their passports expired. Dennis got them after sending the correct amount of cash demanded by the authorities. Dennis continued financial coverage for Kimberly’s misery when she and Sandra were held in both Istanbul and Amsterdam. Dennis claimed that the immigration authorities were extorting from him, but he soon realized that he was cheated by a con-man as Dr. Phil brought on the woman Dennis thought was his fiance.

8. I’m in love with Kip Moore

Jenna’s love for country music star Kip Moore was not a joke. “It was, without a doubt, after the second concert that I wanted to divorce my husband,” said Jenna in her role. Despite the fact that there is no happiness in the reach of Moore’s camp via social media-or 12-page letters, they remained determined. Two days after that concert, she filed a protection order in the court for her and her children, namely her husband, Theo, was offensive. Travis denied these claims and admitted that he still loved Jenna, despite her delusions.” After Dr. Phil read Moore’s statement, in which he sincerely, but it is clearly rejected, her, Jenna recognized the small chance of her ever ignite a passionate relationship with Moore, but she still defended her meeting with Moore. If Jenna is overwhelmingly unlikely opportunity to marry Moore, the prospect of her to reconcile with her husband may be off the table too, especially with her tattoo of Moore’s signature on her upper back to symbolize his ‘kindness and passion” to the right under their joint daughter’s name.

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