Top 5 earners in football: where do they get their income from?

For the seventh time performs with Lionel Messi and the ranking of the highest earning footballers. Almost a third of its 126 million euros per year comes from advertising revenue. At rival Ronaldo shapes that almost half of his annual income…

Lionel Messi © D. Nakashima/AFLO

Exciting drum roll for the winner to disclose is not really necessary. Lionel Messi is already for the seventh time at the top in this ranking, which for the twentieth time. That is one time more than David Beckham.

The Flea took the lead again this year, taking over from Cristiano Ronaldo is no surprise, given his contract with FC Barcelona this season extended. He was previously unseen terms: a base salary of 71 million euros, with tekengeld it rises to 87 million. Add to that contributions and advertising revenue and you is thick above the symbolic threshold of 100 million euro. Never shown before!

No longer in the top 20 this year: Wayne Rooney, for the first time since 2006. Also Sergio Agüero after six editions between. Manuel Neuer, the only goalkeeper in the list, is probably the next victim. Just like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for the tenth time, that of Manchester United to the MLS moved.

Remark that the figures of the top 20 of players and coaches, the gross salary and the additional income include the season 2017/18 plus the premiums of the year 2017.

1. Lionel Messi, 126 million euro

Argentina, attacker, FC Barcelona, 30 years

It was probably the last contractaanpassing of his career, but what a contract! In november 2017 extended La Pulga his contract with FC Barcelona until 2021 and thus pulverized all records. Never got a footballer on the Continent with a gross salary above € 50 million. Because the board of directors of the blaugrana next year in June does not want to lose (and according to kwatongen also to his problems with the Spanish tax authorities to “cover”), it has the border even largely exceeded: a fixed salary of 71 million euro, including the 15 percent portrait rights, plus 63.5 million tekengeld over the entire duration of his new contract. In addition, there are plenty of bonuses at any winnings of a trophy. And according to Football Leaks is also a getrouwheidsbonus of 70 million if he stays until the end of his contract – which is not inconceivable given the clause with a lump sum of 700 million. You have already understood: Leo goes in the coming years is difficult to the first place in this salarisranking to expel, the more so as its advertising revenue in a rising line to go after the arrival of new partners (laboratories, Sirin, sunglasses, Hawkers and the Chinese manufacture Mengniu).

Annual salary: 86.9 million euros (7.4 million per month, tekengeld included)

Premiums: € 2.1 million

Otherincome: 37 million euros to do (Adidas, hry na mobilu, Tata Motors, Ooredoo, Lays, Gatorade, Pepsi, Sirin Labs, Hawkers, Mengniu Group), and miscellaneous (advertising campaigns for the Argentinean national team and FC Barcelona, Dolce & Gabbana, Expo 2020 Dubai, merchandising, web tv, investments in real estate and hotels in Argentina and Spain, other financial investments, hospitality and viticulture)

2. Cristiano Ronaldo, 94 million euros

Portugal, attacker, Real Madrid, 33 years

CR7 is greedy for success, glory and recognition. No one, therefore, who looked up when his entourage at the beginning of this year indicated that he no longer was satisfied with his compensation and Real, as Neymar now more than 10 million euro net capital gain earned (21 compared to 33) and especially because his eternal Ballon d’or rival lionel Messi since the start of the season, 71 million (before deduction of the taxes). But Cristiano didn’t throw in the towel and chose the best way for his aspirations to add power by one goal after the other, which led to the third CL final in three years. CR7, just like the other leaders of Real, caught 5 million for all the trophies in 2017. And even though he had to be in this ranking the first place of Messi, the Portuguese remains the players who are the most bankable in addition to the field. He keeps on getting new marketers, trick – witness its recent deal with bagageafhandelaar American Tourister.

Annual salary: 44 million euro (3.5 million per month)

Premiums: 5 million euros

Otherrevenue: 45 million euro to do (Nike, Herbalife, Altice/SFR, American Tourister,, Clear, TAG/Heuer, Samsung, Sixpad, Abbott, Pestana, Nubia), and miscellaneous (CR7 shoes, CR7 underwear, CR7-shirts, CR7-perfumes, the app CR7-selfie, brandinext, Roc/Sample, Bugatti, Disquared2, portrait rights Mint media, WMS, investments in real estate and luxury hotels, campaigns of the Emirates and Real Madrid)

3. Neymar, 81.5 million

Brazil, attacker, PSG, 26 years

Are transfer got football a new era, and his salary to the top of the wereldhiërarchie (just under 50 million gross, under the beneficial regime of expatriates) until Messi him there wegjaagde. The Brazilian is the only one that the comparison with his ex-teammate and Ronaldo can endure. That’s also because Ney, independent of its loonbriefje, even spectacular advances in advertising domains. Because he always asks more, he has great cleaning held among his sponsors, matter of new leaders (in particular, TCL, Ctrip, Pilao and Honda) with whom his father deals may negotiate between 3 and 4 million euros per year. And we leave it to your imagination about what he’ll pocket as he is with his sponsor Nike shines at the world cup.

Annual salary: 48.9 million euros (4 million per month)

Premiums: $ 2.6 million

Otherrevenues: 30 million euro from do (Nike, TCL, Honda, Beats by drDee, Gillette, Red Bull, Gaga Milano, Heliar, Police, Quantum, Digible, Pilao, McDonald’s Brazil, CTrip, Replay, Exness, Ultrafarma in 2017), and miscellaneous (NJR-merchandising, NJR-sportswear, advertising campaigns with PSG, investments in real estate and finance)

4. Gareth Bale, 44 million euros

Wales, attacker, Real Madrid) 28 years

He is less often the owner, but comfort himself with a contract until 2022. The Dutch boss is still loved by his sponsors and appeared in the campaign for the model Alphabounce of Adidas, with tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and basket ball player James Harden.

Annual salary: 32 million euro (2,7 per month)

Premiums: 3 million euro

Otherrevenues: 9 million euro to do (Adidas, Sony, Simba, Drag, Altitude Mask, BT Sport, Nissan), and miscellaneous (merchandising, Eleven of Hearts, portrait rights, hospitality, real estate)

5. Gerard Piqué, 29 million euros

Spain, defender, FC Barcelona, 31 years

A spectacular entry in this ranking, due to a new contract until 2022 (plus tekengeld), attractive promotional activities and exceptional entrepreneurship. He is in multiple sectors, but particularly in the industry: his company Cosmos from 2019 the new Daviscup begin to organize.

Annual salary: 20 million € (1.7 per month)

Premiums: 1 million euro

Otherrevenue: 8 million euros to do (Nike, Beko, Time Force, Konami), and miscellaneous (Kerad Games/Golden Manager, Kype, e-football, Cosmos, multimediaplatformen food with Bas Alimentaria, energy drinks, investments in real estate and finance)

The list of winners of the past editions

Amounts in million euros (*converted, for the introduction of the euro)

1999 Ronaldo (Brazil) 10,61*

2000 Alessandro Del Piero (Italy) 12,52*

2001 Zinedine Zidane (France) 15,12*

2002 Zinedine Zidane (France) 13,6

2003 David Beckham (England) 15

2004 David Beckham (England) 22,4

2005 David Beckham (England) 25

2006 Ronaldinho (Brazil) 23

2007 Ronaldinho (Brazil) 24

2008 David Beckham (England) 31

2009 David Beckham (England) 32,4

2010 Lionel Messi (Argentina) 33

2011 Lionel Messi (Argentina) 31

2012 Lionel Messi (Argentina) 33

2013 David Beckham (England) 36

2014 Lionel Messi (Argentina) 41

2015 Lionel Messi (Argentina) 65

2016 Lionel Messi (Argentina) 74

2017 Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) 87,5

2018 Lionel Messi (Argentina) 126

Read the full top 20 at the players and coaches in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 30 may.

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