Toos Franken: “I express myself through collections because people do not agree with the need to be’

Toos Franken is bringing her new collection ‘Juniper’, inspired by herd behavior and breaking it.

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‘Juniper’, so named designer Toos Franken their newest collection from 2018. “My wife is in this line of clothing is a bride who just before the knot on the run stores,” says designer Toos Franken.

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The inspiration behind this collection was Francs in (political) events in her area: ‘I let me inspire by global and local events that I dress up. I find it easy to use a collection in my opinion to be able to tell because people don’t agree.’


I can easily express via a collection because people do not agree with have to be.

‘Two years ago, found the Brexit place, and, then, Trump will be elected. I find all the propaganda that’s behind it so bizarre. It is also dangerous that people take the opinion after someone who hard enough to yell, without themselves somewhere in to deepen it.’ That herding behaviour intrigues Francs: “The artwork of the Japanese artist Cai Guo Chiang is me always remember. On that same story, because the painting shows a herd of wolves who each other blindly follows, even when they are against a plexiwand collide.’

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The concrete idea of rebellion behind the collection derives Francs to the unification church which collective massabruiloften promotes. “In South Korea exist that massabruiloften. The idea that you are married to a hundred or even a thousand couples at the same time, I find so weird. It is as if something is imposed and you do that simply, or if you believes in it or not. I pictured me, for this collection, a woman in her full wedding planned, but at the last moment everything afblies, against the odds,’ she explains. “I’m engaged, so my friend was terrified of this story,’ laughs Francs.


The contrast between the military and the romantic is felt by the substances used.

By a military atmosphere in the collection process, the Franks, the herding palpable. At the same time, there are romantic and feminine lines, an embodiment of the bride. ‘That combination reconcile I by means of the substances that were used. There’s a lot of wool in the collection, but also silk and linen. That combination makes for a contrast between the heavy and the light. The collection is sensitive, by some of the details in a shirt or dress, but there are also fairly tough pieces, between which the rebellious factor of the collection.”

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The military herd behavior is contrary to the rebellious runaway bride. “We are in the delusion that we are all together, but we all take separate decisions that are often selfish.’ That is the statement that Franken is trying to put down with this intriguing collection, and where they succeed.

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