“Too many students with dyslexieverklaring’

“Too many students with dyslexieverklaring’

The number of pupils with a dyslexieverklaring is “worrisome”. That minister Jet Bussemaker and state secretary Sander Dekker of Education Tuesday.

Research shows the number of pupils with a statement of the rise. Dyslexia causes people trouble with reading and writing.

According to the members of the government, it is “plausible” that a group of pupils is wrongfully assigned a dyslexieverklaring. They want this number to reduce. With such a statement, you can qualify for additional time for an examination and reimbursement of certain expenses.

International research suggests that it is normal that 10 percent of students suffer from severe dyslexia and cannot solve read – and spellingsproblemen. In the limited research that is now done show percentages between 10 and 20 percent and more are not uncommon.

The Inspectorate of Education has no explanation for these high figures. Bussemaker and Dekker announce that here more research to come. Further, there is also more information to schools about effective approaches to reading and spellingsproblemen to avoid.

In cities is dyslexia the least (8 percent in 2015). In the countryside, it is considerably higher: almost 14 percent in 2015.

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