Tonight on tv: Wilderness under water | Romcom Notting Hill

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for tonight? put in cooperation with Veronica Superguide the tv-tips in a row.

Report: Your money or my life

20.30-21.25 pm on NPO1

Bert van Leeuwen makes the world a little bit better. He follows the struggles of four patients that crowdfunding started to their operations or to finance research. In this program they are talking about what a human life is worth.

Documentary: Wilderness under water

19.50-20.25 hours on NPO2

As soon as the spring begins, go fishing en masse on their way to other areas to breed or to grow. Off the coast of the Netherlands, each year, millions of known as glass eels. These young eels coming all the way from Mexico. Volunteers Ton and Rudi to help the fish in the polders of Midden-Delfland to achieve.

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Documentary: 2Doc: Maelstrom

23.00-23: 55 hrs on NPO2

In 2014 washed on the island of Texel, the battered body of a Syrian man in a wetsuit. The 22-year-old refugee Mouaz al-Balkhi tried from Calais to Dover to swim, where an uncle of him. Filmmaker Misha Brine gives the man a story.

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Movie: Notting Hill

20.30-23.05 hours on Net5

It is love at first sight for the bookseller William (Hugh Grant), when movie star Anna (Julia Roberts) in his shop and enter. They are in love with each other, but William seems the best difficult to have a relationship with one of the most popular women on the earth.


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Movie: Elysium

22.35-0.45 am on RTL 7

In the near future to live the wealthy on the vast space station Elysium, while the rest of humanity on the overpopulated earth to live. To the luxurious lifestyle of Elysium to protect, states Minister Rhodes anti-immigration laws. Yet, people try to Elysium to reach.


Watch the trailer for Elysium

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