Tonight on tv: Two Week Notice | Docu about Molenbeek

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for tonight? put in cooperation with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

Consumer programme: Inspection of Value

20.25 – 20.55 on NPO 3

The one piece of meat is not the other. Packaging mention today about the feed that the cow ate. There are steaks from Ireland with a unique taste due to a diet of grass. But in the same shelf are American-style steaks that sublime flavours by a menu of cereals. Does it make a difference what the cow has eaten? The Inspection of value will find out.

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Documentary: 2Doc: Molenbeek

23: 55 hrs – 00.36 on NPO 2

In the period before the attacks in Paris was there three times, broke into a café. All three times was the name of the offender Brahim Abdeslam, the terrorist from Molenbeek themselves at the end of 2015 blown up in Paris. Through all the searches and legal actions increasing the temperature in Molenbeek. The Flemish reportagemaker Eric Goens went in the notorious district attend to the to give a face to.

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Movie: Two Weeks Notice

23.00 – 01.00 on JUST 5

After five years, Lucy (Sandra Bullock) there is more than enough to be seen as a personal caregiver, while they are actually a brilliant lawyer. She decides to resign.


Click here to view the trailer of Two Weeks Notice

Documentary: 3Doc: Meru

21.45 – 22.55 on NPO 3

Many mountaineers dream of the Shark’s fin on Mount Meru in the Himalayas to climb, but only a few people know the top at 6.400 meters in one piece to achieve. When Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk attempt to reach the top, they get setback after setback to the process. Their supply of food running out, they are attacked by giant snowstorms and the temperature drops deep below freezing. The top is in sight, but they may be the last challenge?

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Report: Your Town, Our Town

21.30 – 22.25 on NPO 1

Normally they go in huizenruilprogramma’s from one to the other side of the country, so if you have children in those Feyenoord kits, see, hope you are on Amsterdam versus Rotterdam. This time, there is only 25 kilometres away between the houses, but this will nevertheless, for a world of difference.

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