Tonight on tv: “The Voice is an opportunity for Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for Friday night? to put it in collaboration with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

Talent Show: The Voice Of Senior

20.30-22: 30 on RTL 4

Talent under the age of sixty have passed and give it to the coaches to convince them of their voice. This season has been quite a bit has changed. Thus, it is Lieke van Lexmond is the new host and takes Bauer to place in the jurystoel from the left: Gerard Joling and Gordon.

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Realityprogramma: the Heroes through the mud, and VIP’s

20.30-22.30 hr on SBS6

Among others, Inge de Bruijn, Danny Froger, John the Wolf, Ferry Doedens, and Sieneke will work with a close friend or a family member, a fan and an accomplished athlete in the sports challenge to raise awareness of the KNGF guide Dogs. All this takes place in the impressive, but heavy and Strong Viking Obstacle Run in the obstacle course at Spaarnwoude, with spectacular obstacles.

Documentary series: A demon-possessed world. The netherlands between the wars

21.10-22.00 hrs, on NPO2

In the twenties, understand the culture of our country. In the movies, the music, and the… on the dance floor. The youth will be very happy to hear of the Charleston and the Lindy hop, but according to the parents, the teachers, and the government will have to make it a bit more common. In order to balance its own culture with traditional costumes, and the clog dance will be restored.

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Series: Press

22.45-23.45 hrs on NPO2

The Press is the staff of the two newspapers, on the other hand, The Herald and the tabloid, The Post, and in a world that never stands still. While the journalists are fighting to become the best story of the fine line between ambition and integrity, and are occasionally exceeded. And there are the victims of it.

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Movie: Kill Bill: Vol. 2

20.20-22.30 h on NPO3

After that, The Bride (Uma Thurman) O-Ren Ishii and Vernita Green in kill, you’re going to see three of the people on the hit list that she has created after her four-year-long coma awakens: the whole Budd, false, Elle Driver, and her former client, Bill, the Deadly Vipers in her said about letting go. The mission is a bit more complicated when she finds out that her daughter turns out to be alive.


Trailer: Kill Bill 2

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