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Consumer magazines: food and drug Inspection is of Value to the

20.25-21.00 h on NPO3

More and more pretzels, chips, peanuts, and rice cakes are barbecuesmaak sold. But what is that taste? How do you get the flavor of cooking in a chip, or borrelnoot that will probably never be a grill there and saw? You can really taste the meat, fire, smoke, or do something else? The Food is on the search for the origin of the barbecuesmaak.

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Movie: HouseSitter

20.30-22.30 pm at NET5

Gwen (Goldie Hawn) moves into the empty house of Newton (Steve Martin) to live in without them knowing. It is as if his new wife is. Everyone in the city is that, they are a dream couple in visual terms, but Newton thinks differently about this.


The Trailer Housesitter

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Movie: The Mask of Zorro

21.30-00.15 am on RTL 7

The Mexican hero Don Diego de la Vega (Antonio Banderas), better known as Zorro, fights against the tyranny of Spain. This is him as the ruthless governor Montero caught it takes. Don Diego’s wife is murdered and his daughter, Elena, is kidnapped. Twenty years later, the escape of Don Diego out of the prison, and he points out to the be the united states as its successor. Together, they try to give Elena to him, they have to take revenge on Montero.


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Documentary: Mission To Saturn: The Inside Of The Ring

22.00-23: 00 on National Geographic

Saturn speaks to the huge stakes of up to the imagination of a group of scientists in more than twenty years of experience as much as possible all over the planet to find out. In this documentary you can see how the space probe Cassini and the moons of Saturn in the picture thread.

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Realityprogramma: Operations Security

20.30-21: 30 on SBS6

How do the security guards have to work at it’s annual Oktoberfest, where it started to get out of hand due to public intoxication? How do the guards deal with them, and they know they will be an escalation to occur? In addition, they will have their hands full with the mostly young audience of the Dutch rapper Ronnie Flex, where is the screaming and the flauwvallende the girls anxiety their worries.

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