Tonight on tv: the farm | The Transporter

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for you? to put it in collaboration with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

Misdaadserie Endeavour Morse Code

21:30-23:05 pm on NPO1

The dienders the successful team of the now-closed Cowley Drive, were now scattered all over the region. This is how it works Endeavour for political reasons, at a police station in the countryside, while his friend Fred, Thursday is bored at the office, from the Castle Gate. The two are brought together by the murder of a high school girl. Are you interested in tips to crime documentaries? Then take a look at this list of the top 10 is on Netflix!

Documentary: 2Doc: Putin’s Witnesses

22:55-00:40 pm on NPO2

At december 31, 1999, bears, Boris Yeltsin, the power, unexpectedly, to his chosen successor, the former KGB-head Vladimir Putin. In Putin’s Witnesses shows, the award-winning film maker Vitaly Mansky-a picture of the first years of the vladimir Putin, the man who was the country’s terugvoerde to the class, which is reminiscent of the Soviet period and who, with a tyrannical means, and now, two decades on, the power is on. Are documentaries your thing? Also check out this highly recommended on Netflix!

Movie: The Transporter

20:30-22:20 on Veronica

Driver Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is hired as a transporter of goods, people, or any other illegal things. One day he looks down on the noisy little package that he has to carry, and from that moment on, everything goes wrong. Frank, get on the stick as a dangerous criminal and must fight for his life.

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The Transporter

Report: the farm

20:35-21:30 pm on NPO1

Yvon Jaspers, then start looking at the real-life from Agnes, the first woman ever to join in on the Farmer wants a Wife whose dream it was to be together with a man, and the farm of her parents, and it will cost you. That is, she has already been found, and together they have two children. However, their boerendroom threatens to become a nightmare.

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Realityprogramma: Obese

20:30-21:30 on RTL4

In eating for years, and more than is good for him. The result of this is that he’s not in an airline coach seat to fit, and after three steps, out of breath, and his heart was on the verge of collapse state. Something needs to be done, and fast. Angela and her team are shooting at you!

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