Tonight, on tv set, as well As on the tank | leader of a sect of illegal weapons

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for you? to put it in collaboration with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

Series: Station 19

21.25-22.20 pm at NET5

Station 19 is a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy, in which young, handsome, fire-life’s joys and sorrows to share. In the second of a series of adventure and drama are once again in a spectacular way, alternating, so that the marriage of Andy and Jack to have to wait.

Documentary film: Waco: Madman or Messiah

22.45-00.15 hours on NPO2

Self-confessed cult leader David Koresh in 1993 and is world famous as the home where he and his followers, was besieged, it was because of the suspicion of illegal possession of firearms. The siege culminated in a battle for 51 days. 76 people were killed, including 22 children.

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Realityprogramma: as well As on patrol

20.35-21.25 hours NPO1

As well as Pleasing to visit to foreign police forces, and this is the time to visit the capital city of El Salvador. In this Central American country’s street gangs to the service, and the police are very hard action to maintain law and order. Fortunately, there are also children who are out of themselves, and their lives would be improved.

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Movie: 300

22.00-00.25 hrs of the week

The Persian king Xerxes asked king Leonidas of Sparta (the role of Gerard Butler), in order to lay down his arms and surrender. That refuses to Leonidas, and he declares war on the powerful leader…. With only three hundred men, he goes to the fight for Sparta, and to defend it.

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The Trailer for 300

Movie: Top Five

20.30-22.40 uur op RTL 8

A former stand-upcomedian Andre Allen (in a role of Chris Rock), and played the lead role in three of the filmkomedies, and now wants to be a serious movie-making. However, the general public will see him as that, and that’s going to be at the expense of his popularity. His upcoming marriage to a realityster have to get him back in the spotlight post. It is the murder of a journalist led to an interview and to do and to learn, therefore, to know yourself.


The Trailer Of Top Five, A

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