Tonight on tv: Nothing is better than to have a child File Of the Hill

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for Tuesday night? to put it in collaboration with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

Realityprogramma: Even Extremely Rich, So Poor

20.30 – 21: 30 on SBS6

When He, Charlotte and their child is a Practical, from the province of Zeeland, Sas van Gent, they have more than enough money to live on. Paul, Claudia, and their daughter, Melany of Benefits, it is a different story, they have to get by on $ 70 a week. What is it like to for a one-week life-style, to swap?

Realityprogramma: Nothing is better than to have a child

21.30 – 22.35 pm on SBS6

Leonie ter Braak, following Nothing more than a Child, and to help those who willing to do anything to have a baby, but it’s not all that easy.

This reality show will be amazing.

Realityprogramma: File the Hill

To 21: 30 – 22: 30 on RTL 4

After an accident in the foreign country in which a man is to be in the life to come, the local authorities are looking to the Dutch offender. The next of kin to ask John van den Heuvel for their assistance.

Movie: The Fifth Element

22.45 – 1.15 pm of the week

A spaceship in the Fifth Element, the protector of the human race, will be destroyed. Scientists, with the remaining DNA being Leelo and to create them. Leelo try to use the earth of the evil to save the day. With Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman.


Click here to watch the trailer for ” The Fifth Element

Click here to watch the-five-best-roles-of-Willis.

Movie: First Knight

20.30 – 23.15 on RTL 8

Lancelot falls in love with Guinevere, but she has promised to marry king Arthur, who left her country to protect it. Lancelot is determined to Guineveres heart to conquer it.


Click here to watch the trailer of the First Knight

If you know more movies like this, is what happened this month in new Netflix-capable.

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