Tonight on tv: Mr. Frank Visser and Jack Reacher

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for tonight? put in cooperation with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.
Movie: Jack Reacher

20.30-23.10 on RTL 7

When five people are shot to death think the police the perpetrator is quickly apprehended. The suspect refuses to talk and has only one message for his lawyer: “Get Jack Reacher!” A smooth, well thought-out thriller without excessive actieheldengedoe. Still not finished with Jack Reacher? Fortunately the series on tv!

Documentary: Typical Veluwe

19.10-19.45 on NPO 2

The Veluwe has to offer more than heath, forest and meadows. Ask Cor. That has a lot of travelled in his life, got it hooked on Africa and found on the Veluwe, which brought him to his African time, he thought: a cabin in the woods.

Legal program: Mr. Frank Visser rides business

21.30-22.30 on SBS 6

Jitske from the Twente Diepenheim is crazy about clowns and in her garden a real Mamaloe car parked. Overjoyed, she agrees, but her neighbors found the garden just an aging trailer court and see the car likes to disappear. But then they know Mr. Visser, not yet.

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Frank Visser see that people are getting fewer opportunities in the courts

Movie: The Pelican Letter

23.30-23.20 on Just 5

Successful film adaptation of John Grisham’s book. Rechtenstudente Julia Roberts speculates that behind the murder of two judges, a political conspiracy cross. With the help of journalist Denzel Washington, that same case examines, tries them out of the hands of the perpetrators. Do you enjoy the suspense??? Check out this list of the best tv detectives.

Series: The Bold and the Beautiful

18.05-18.35 on RTL 8

Hope and Steffy to fly together again old-fashioned in the hair. The reason: Hope will find it not a good idea that Steffy her mother in the house.

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