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22.15-23: 00 on NPO1

The family Of the Lageweg, it is well known in the springpaardenbranche. Horses are, in many countries they are sold and the colts have been very popular with other breeders. Father, Wiebke has the last word on this, but for those who will later on follow-up?

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Comedyserie: Disaster

22.00-23.25 pm on BBC First

In the third season, and end up with the two others, Rob and Sharon are in for a big relatiecrisis, after, Rob, suspect records have been found. While the two of them, the crisis is to try to cast a spell, they have to give interviews, and friends in the afkickklinieken, jealousy of peers, and impaired family members.

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Reportageprogramma: Creme de la, so many things

22.45-23.45 h on NPO3

So many things, it is the traditional and the social, working-class neighbourhood in Rotterdam is full of pubs, bars and saamhorige next-door neighbors. The great fear of the residents is that the city will soon be transformed into a chill area with sky-high prices. The plans for the new apartments that are ready to go. The original inhabitants are to be sent using a so-called terugkeergarantie, but in return, they get a new price perhaps they will not be able to afford.

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Movie: Johnny English Reborn

20.25-22.40 pm on SBS6

After a mission in Africa, has resulted in one of the biggest disasters, the bumbling spy Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is back in a Tibetan monastery in order to self-search. When the British secret service, however, it was discovered that the mysterious organization, the Vortex has a plan to make a stop to take in the head of state of China, as it is in English once again turned to cause a Vortex to reveal.


The Trailer Of Johnny English Reborn

Movie: Fracture

23.00 pm-1.15 pm at Net5

When Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) finds out his wife for him cheating, he shoots her in cold blood down to it. The police have arrested, in Front of, and at the hearing, claiming that he has the right to self-defense. Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling), a young and successful lawyer, the public prosecutor’s office for representation. He is hoping that is the case with the staalhard the evidence quickly in the past, it will be. However, Crawford has just decided to fight back.

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Trailer, Breaking

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