Tonight on tv: Girls ‘Night Out,” The Aristocats

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for Thursday night? to put it in collaboration with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

Realityprogramma: Horrorhuurders & Slum Landlords

19.30 – 20.30 pm on RTL 5

If you thought the housing crisis in the Netherlands, the low point is, you have to look at the state of affairs in the United Kingdom to look at. In the fifth season of this reality show, both for the victims and for the perpetrators to be followed in the case of problems with the rental or leasing of homes.

Scientific programme: The Comparison

21.45 – 22.20 pm on NPO2

Sofie van den Enk, and Daan Nieber research what are the holidays more sustainable: a stay at a camp site, or a number of nights sleeping in a car. Of the Single pull will pass several campsites, and see how much of an impact with a tent and a stove to have on the environment. Nieber will be staying in an all inclusive hotel in Benidorm, including a rain shower.

It is also to be seen on tv in the month of november.

Reporter: The Food Detectives

22.20 – 23.15 pm on NPO3

The combination of science and technology (Alice Roberts), journalism (Sean Fletcher)
and kitchen, (Tom Kerridge) makes for a very interesting program that you can use to see if the British version of the Dutch Food and consumer Value.

Movie: Girls ‘ Night Out

20.30 – 22.30 pm at Net5

Five best friends (played by, among others, Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Kravitz, and Kate McKinnon) graduate from high school after years of being away together for a wild bachelor party in Miami, florida. The party takes a dark turn when they make a mistake as a male stripper and dead.


Scarlett Johansson will play a quiz about drugs, alcohol, and peers

Animated Movie: The Aristocats

20.30 – 22.05 pm on SBS9

Madame Bonfamille makes her will. Loyal butler Edgar is furious, as is the entire estate to the cats of mrs. is going to. Filled with jealousy and the greed can come up with Edgar a plan to get the money to get it.


Check out the trailer for The Aristocats

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