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Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for a Wednesday night? to put it in collaboration with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

Live coverage: the Dutch sports federation NOC*NSF Sportgala

20.30 – 22.15 pm on NPO1

Kiki Bertens found it to be unfair that they didn’t even make the shortlist for the title of Sportswoman of the Year. But for those who are there, though? And for anyone who is the Sportsman of the Year?

These programs are also on television in december

Contest: The Perfect Shot

20.30 – 21: 30 on RTL 4

The two of the best, photographing CELEBRITIES can be a trip to Oman’s advantage. There she is, in the heat, to prove, on the basis of three assignments with a common theme: to emphasize the beauty of the sultanate.

These films and series are starting in december, Netflix

Report: The Serious Road Trip

21.50 – 22.35 pm on NPO3

The Dutch radio station 3FM gets the money is no longer in the Glass House, but do it with a tour of the province of Zeeland to Groningen, the netherlands. It’s a good goal for this year: the fight against trafficking in human beings, who are in the world, approximately 25 million people in this country.

Here are the top ten best in the series, which is now on the Video are

Question: The Test

20.25 – 21.50 pm on NPO3

Lauren Verster, a mother of Lina, as well as in expectation, the test MEDIA professionals, the public, and to the viewer. The questions will be about design, and much, much more, that pregnancy-related.

Movie: The Long Kiss Goodnight

20.30 – 22.50 hours of the week

Samantha Caine (Geena Davis) suffers from amnesia, but is, nevertheless, a happily married teacher with a baby daughter. By chance, her memory is back, and to her horror, she turns out to be an assassin for a secret organization.

This will be one of the ten best films that are on Netflix are

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