Tonight on tv: Christmas First Dates | Slot All the way to the end

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for tonight? put in cooperation with Veronica Superguide the tv-tips in a row.

Report: Muslims as we

22.55 – 23.35 pm on NPO 2

The difference in opinions and beliefs is evident as eight Dutch muslims together in a typical house. The four men and four women should be for ten days together, determine what the precepts are.

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First Dates christmas

19.25 – 20.25 pm on NPO 3

Bachelors watch on a lonely Christmas. Fortunately, they can do something about it. In this repetition of the First Dates-kerstaflevering try Sergio and Victor are still so many possible singles to a new partner to help. Have you still fancy a fun movie? Take a look at our list of the ten best kerstfilms ever.

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Report: The Potato Eaters

19.15 – 19.50 pm on NPO 2

Joris Vermeer looking at the backgrounds of our daily food. No one knows and you hear there’s never anything on, but the schnitzel is English. Recent linguistic research suggests that the word schnitzel is based on the ‘ pronunciation of the word afsnijdsel. Wienerschnitzel is nothing else than a marketing ploy of the Austrians.

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Report: Merry Christmas!

20.30 – 21.30 pm on SBS6

Not for everyone, it is Christmas, the time of a fir tree in the living room, lots of shiny gifts, a beautifully set table and a hot chocolate. Those who have a little less, get a visit from several well-known SBS6-faces, that their christmas wishes will be carried out.

Reality: All the way to the end

20.30 – 22: 30 on RTL 4

In this latest episode of All the way the end is clear how the future of the four families looks like. The Van Berkels and the family De Weijer out: Bart and Maaike stay on cape Verde for Palmera to continue and the Van Berkels go back. But then comes a phone call from the Netherlands so everything will be completely different. Do you like reality show? Check out this list of the best reality show on Netflix.

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