Tonight on tv: Caught! | Man of Steel

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for tonight? put in cooperation with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

Reality Show: Caught!

20.30-21.30 pm on SBS6

In the meantime hang in there in the Netherlands one and a half million surveillance cameras. 2 percent is from the government, the rest hangs on the facade of businesses and individuals. Good news for victims of straatroven, burglaries, and ‘shopping’ audience with bad intentions. In Caught! try misdaadverslaggevers Thijs Seaman and Jens Olde Kalter the perpetrators to detect.

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Movie: Man of Steel

20.30-23.15 hrs on Veronica

Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) is a young journalist who does not feel at home in our world. He is years ago from the distant planet of Krypton to earth, transported and asks are now wondering who he really is and that the super powers that he is blessed. He opens the alien general Zod the hunt for him.

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Superman: Man of Steel – trailer

Movie: Machete Kills

21.45-00.00 hrs on RTL 7

Machete (Danny Trejo) is recruited by the U.s. president for a mission which would be impossible for an ordinary mortal: he must cartel leader Mendez the Madman off, that is a rocket on America wants firing. After Machete his way through Mexico has fought, and finally when his target arrives, it turns out that the missile is linked to the heart of Mendez.


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Documentary road-movie: Cuba after Castro

20.20-21.20 hours on NPO2

Yuri Capetillo Hardy surprised about the nostalgia of the time that the Cubans, thanks to the support of the Russians, big plans invented and solidarity, and camaraderie Cuba forward floated. After the collapse of the Soviet Union collapsed the Cuban economy in the early nineties. What Cuba has saved the burgeoning tourist industry. But with tourism, the differences between rich and poor, and threatens the destruction of the old values.

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Documentary road-movie: Aletta’s journey

21.10-22.00 hours on NPO2

Step Vaessen is in South Africa looking for women who have their political voices heard. In 1911, work Aletta Jacobs during her trip together with the women in South Africa who stand up for the suffrage of women. Vaessen goes on the road with Makhosi Khoza, a former mp for the ANC, that the political left to combat corruption.

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