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Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for a Sunday evening? to put it in collaboration with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

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Producer latenightshow: Sundays Well

21:20 – 22:00 on NPO

As Well, he began his satirical nieuwsshow as well as a Dutch version of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. For ten seasons, and many of the kijkcijferrecords, the Golden Televizier-Ring, and a Silver debut competition continue on Sunday, with a Well-essential for anyone who wants to know what politicians and the media this week, and the error is gone.

This is in further to see it on tv.

Series: Girl of Pleasure

21:30 – 22:30 on RTL 4

The ever-so-brave as Her (Angela schijf) is wielding in the meantime, run over to her escort agency and the Ladies on Top. This is to chagrijn of her old childhood friend, and employer, Meryem, who works hard to keep its competitors out of the way there.

Here are the top ten best in the series, which is now on the Video alone.

Nature channel one day in the Wild

19:35 to 20:35 hours on NPO2

The human race has ensured that many species today are in danger of extinction, but, thankfully, there are organizations that are working to get the population to its former glory. Menno Bentveld. take a look at one of them, the European project of cooperation in Nature that Day. They have made sure that the wolf is back in the country around.

Series: The Forest

23:15 – 01:30 pm on NPO1 Tools

The parents of a sixteen-year-old Jennifer, sitting with her hands in her hair as their own daughter, lost in the woods. Her friends, Oceane and Maya react to indifferent, and we are confident that the Bill will be a return. The ladies get to know more of this matter, that much is clear. However, even if there are more girls disappear, and keep the two as their lips firmly together.

It’s February at the movies.

Movie: Gone in 60 Seconds

22:15 – 00:40 hour of the week

The legendary thief, Memphis Raines (Nicolas Cage) must be made within 72 hours and fifty expensive cars to steal in order to his younger brother, Kip (Giovanni Ribisi) is out of the can. Click here to watch the greatest action movies of today.

130VideoBekijk here’s the trailer for Gone in 60 Seconds

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